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10 Hilarious Movies Like Ted to Add to Your Watchlist in 2023

"Ted" is a real gem when it comes to funny and odd movies. The movie, which came out in 2012 and was directed by Seth MacFarlane, presented us with Ted, a talkative teddy bear who lives with his owner, and John, Ted's best friend, who was played by Mark Wahlberg. Fans loved "Ted" right away because it had tongue-in-cheek humour, witty speech, and a unique mix of fantasy and comedy. If you liked "Ted" and want to find other films that are as funny as "Ted," you're lucky! Here are 10 comedic movies that will make you laugh.

10 Hilarious Movies Like Ted to Add to Your Watchlist in 2023

10 Hilarious Movies Like Ted to Add to Your Watchlist in 2023

1. Superbad: A Coming-of-Age Comedy

"Superbad" follows the misadventures of high school students Seth and Evan during a wild and scandalous night before graduation. Much like "Ted," this film combines cheeky humour with heartfelt moments and captures the essence of youth and friendship. Featuring memorable performances by Jonah Hill and Michael Cera, "Superbad" offers a hilarious story that will leave you speechless.

Movie Name IMDb Rating Rottentomatoes Audience Score
Superbad 7.6/10 87%

2. Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy: A Quirky Newsroom Comedy

No one is quite as eccentric as Ron Burgundy in the news anchors' world. Ron Burgundy, played by comedy genius Will Ferrell, is a legendary news anchor whose world is turned upside down when a talented and ambitious journalist joins his team. "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy" is known for its absurdist humour, quotable jokes, and memorable characters. If you enjoyed the irreverent humour of "Ted," you'll experience the same with the eccentric and unconventional world of Ron Burgundy.

Movie Name IMDb Rating Rottentomatoes Audience Score
Anchorman 7.1/10 86%

3. Step Brothers: A Wacky Sibling Comedy

If you appreciate whimsical and bizarre humor, don't miss the movie "Step Brothers." Starring the dynamic duo of Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly, the comedy follows the hilarious misadventures of two middle-aged men who become stepbrothers after their parents marry. The comedic chemistry between Ferrell and Reilly is electrifying, and their absurd antics will have you laughing out loud. If you loved the whimsicality of "Ted," "Step Brothers" will make you laugh out loud.

Movie Name IMDb Rating Rottentomatoes Audience Score
Step Brothers 6.9/10 69%

4. The Hangover: A Wild Night Gone Wrong

If you're in the mood for comedies that combine whimsical situations with a dash of mystery, "The Hangover" is the perfect choice. The movie takes us on a wild ride when friends wake up after a bachelor party in Las Vegas with no memory of the previous night and no groom. As they reenact the night of debauchery, things get heated. With its unpredictable twists, wacky humour, and memorable characters, "The Hangover" has the same unexpected fun that made "Ted" a hit.

Movie Name IMDb Rating Rottentomatoes Audience Score
The Hangover 7.7/10 84%

5. Zoolander: A Satirical Fashion Comedy

"Zoolander" shines a spotlight on the world of haute couture with its satirical take on the industry. Starring Ben Stiller as the scatterbrained male model Derek Zoolander, the comedy is full of hilarious parodies, crazy characters, and memorable gags. Just like "Ted," "Zoolander" doesn't shy away from its style of irreverent humor. If you're in the mood for a movie that combines fashion, comedy, and plenty of laughs, "Zoolander" is the perfect choice.

Movie Name IMDb Rating Rottentomatoes Audience Score
Zoolander 6.5/10 80%

6. Tropic Thunder: A Meta Hollywood Comedy

"Tropic Thunder" is a meta-theatrical comedy that takes on Hollywood itself and delivers a hilarious, action-packed comedy. Starring Ben Stiller, Jack Black, and Robert Downey Jr, the film follows a group of actors who accidentally find themselves in a real war zone while filming a war movie. Tropic Thunder cleverly satirizes the film industry, celebrity culture and the art of acting itself, offering a mix of laugh-out-loud moments and action-packed sequences. If you enjoyed the self-awareness and comedic brilliance of "Ted," don't miss "Tropic Thunder."

Movie Name IMDb Rating Rottentomatoes Audience Score
Tropic Thunder 7.1/10 71%

7. Borat: A Controversial Mockumentary Comedy

'Borat' is a documentary comedy that has sparked both laughs and controversy. Sacha Baron Cohen plays the character of Borat Sagdiyev, a fictional Kazakh journalist who travels to the United States to shoot a documentary. Borat meets real people along the way, leading to funny and often awkward encounters. 'Borat' is known for his edgy humor, cultural commentary, and fearless performances. If you liked the style of "Ted," "Borat" will give you a similar dose of fast-paced comedy.

Movie Name IMDb Rating Rottentomatoes Audience Score
Borat 7.4/10 79%

8. The 40-Year-Old Virgin: A Comedy of Sexual Awkwardness

"The 40-Year-Old Virgin" combines sassy humor with heartfelt moments to offer a comedy that explores the themes of love and relationships. Steve Carell stars as Andy, a middle-aged man who has never had sex. When his colleagues discover his secret, they embark on a mission to help him find love. The film balances whimsical and awkward situations with genuine emotion, making it a comedy that resonates with audiences. If you enjoyed the mix of cheeky humor and heartfelt moments in "Ted," "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" is a fantastic choice.

Movie Name IMDb Rating Rottentomatoes Audience Score
The 40-Year-Old Virgin 7.1/10 84%

9. Napoleon Dynamite: A Quirky Indie Comedy

'Napoleon Dynamite' is a quirky independent comedy that now enjoys cult status. Set in a small town, the film follows socially awkward teen Napoleon Dynamite, struggling with high school and his eccentric family. With its wry humor, memorable characters, and quirky charm, "Napoleon Dynamite" offers a unique comedy experience. If you enjoyed the offbeat humor of "Ted," "Napoleon Dynamite" will hold your attention.

Movie Name IMDb Rating Rottentomatoes Audience Score
Napoleon Dynamite 6.9/10 74%

10. Pineapple Express: A Stoner Action Comedy

"Pineapple Express" combines stoner humor with an action-packed plot to create a unique blend of genres. The film, starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, is about two friends on the run after witnessing a murder. With its witty dialogue, over-the-top action sequences, and hilarious cast, "Pineapple Express" offers a comedic experience that is both funny and hilarious. If you're looking for a movie that combines comedy, action, and a dose of stoner culture, "Pineapple Express" is the perfect choice.

Movie Name IMDb Rating Rottentomatoes Audience Score
Pineapple Express 6.9/10 73%


Bottom line: if you're a fan of the hilarious and irreverent comedy "Ted," these 10 movies will give you plenty of laughs and entertainment. From teen comedies like "Superbad" and the quirky sibling dynamic in "Step Brothers" to mocking industries like the fashion industry in "Zoolander" and Hollywood in "Tropic Thunder," these movies capture the spirit of unique, quirky humor. Whether you're in the mood for rollicking laughter, awkward situations, or comedies that push the envelope, these movies have it all. So grab your popcorn, relax, and enjoy the journey of laughter these movies have to offer!

Frequently asked questions

What other movies has Seth MacFarlane directed besides "Ted"?

Seth MacFarlane has directed other films such as "A Million Ways to Die in the West" (2014) and "Ted 2" (2015). In both films, he maintained his signature comic style and irreverent humor.

Are there any sequels or spin-offs to "Ted"?

Yes, there is a sequel to "Ted" called "Ted 2" that was released in 2015. The story of Ted, the mouthy teddy bear, and his best friend, John, continue in it. Although "Ted 2" was not as highly praised by critics as the original, it has the same humour and irreverence that fans of the first film enjoyed.

Are there other movies with a talking animal or inanimate objects like "Ted"?

While "Ted" is unique in portraying a mouthy teddy bear, other movies have talking animals or inanimate objects. One notable example is "The Lego Movie" (2014), in which Lego characters come to life and embark on an adventure. Another is "Doctor Dolittle" (1998) with Eddie Murphy, who can talk to animals.

Are there family-friendly alternatives to "Ted" with similar humour?

Ted" is known for its humour and adult-oriented content. However, if you're looking for family-friendly alternatives with similar humour, you might enjoy movies like "Toy Story" (1995) and its sequels, in which toys come to life and go on adventures. "The Muppets" (2011) and its various versions also offer a mix of comedy, music, and lovable characters.

Can you recommend other comedy films as funny as "Ted"?

Absolutely! Other funny and hilarious comedies you might enjoy include "Hot Fuzz" (2007), "Shaun of the Dead" (2004), "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues" (2013), "This Is the End" (2013), "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" (2010), "Dodgeball: A True Nerd Story" (2004), "Office Space" (1999), "

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