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Who Am I

Welcome to our Blog Jonakaxom. 

I introduce myself as Himangshu Kalita, Founder of Jonakaxom, one of my favorite blogs among many others.

Top Assamese Blogger The Best Blogger of Assam

I love it because finally I and my team members can share various Assam-related stuff along with all my experiences of making blogs in Assamese including money-making tips with you.

You will love it because you will start the most valuable & actionable content in this niche.

That assurance I can give!

How I started Jonakaxom Blog

Let’s go back to 2017, I created a free blog on to start my journey with blogging. I randomly started to write posts on the blog and after a few months, I started to receive traffic and which encourages me to write more and more the best part is that is written below.

Who is the best blogger in Assam?

If you search on google "Top Assamese blogger" then it shows my site as on the top of the list of some blogs in Assam. The list is generated by indiblogger, the Indian blogger directory.

Who is the Top Assamese Blogger | Assam Top Blogger
(Note: The rank may change for the time you check on google)

During these years, I somewhat learn about blogging and WordPress.

If you have any questions ask me on Instagram

Besides that, I’m interested in Literature, and vlogging. You can view my mini vlog on my Instagram.

In my free time, I love to watch series and movies.

I fell in love with WordPress as it has changed my life, so I enjoy writing stuff about it.

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