How to Start Mineral Water Plant Business In India 2022: Business Guide

How to Start Mineral Water Plant Business:Business Guide

How to Start Mineral Water Plant Business In India 2022 : Business Guide

If you are looking for a good business idea to start in 2022 and want to make good money, then you are in the right place. Because in today's article I am going to share with you a beautiful business idea which has a bright future in India.  And the most amazing business is a mineral water business. Yes, nowadays it becomes a very popular business in India. You can also start this business with very low investment and you can earn a good profit.

8 Steps to Start Mineral Water Plant Business In India 2022

What is mineral water?

Mineral water is the water taken from natural sources where so many healthy materials are present. As its name suggests the mineral water contains minerals that good for our body. It contains minerals like Sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, etc.

1. The opportunity for Mineral Water Plant Business

Nowadays mineral water has become the basic need of people. This thing creates a big opportunity for growth for mineral water bottle businesses. This sector reached RS 185 billion in 2022 in India. Some major reason for this is due to the increase in the number of domestic and foreign tourists as well as people become more health-conscious. These businesses become more profitable these days. So if you want to start this business there is a very high chance that soon your business generate a good profit.

2. Registration required for this business

Like any other business, your mineral water business also requires different licenses. It may differ as per your area or state governments. Here is a list that you need,

  • Company registration 
  • ISI certification from (BIS)
  • Pollution control certificate.
  • Water test report from an authorized laboratory.
  • Pest control certification.

3. Location for your plant

Setting up your mineral water plant normally requires a minimum of 1000 sq ft of space. You can further split it into different manufacturing areas. One place is for machinery and another one is for storage like mineral water bottles and other machines. In the case of selecting the location for the business, you need to ensure that the transport system is good. Also, another thing you need to remember that in your location have enough source of water that you can use. 

4. The process of water purification

In your plant, you need to first purify the water. So for purification, you require some well-developed process. The basic raw materials that you need are, of course, raw water. You can easily get it from natural resources of water. This is the  list of other required raw materials for your plant, 

  • Reagents
  • Chemical
  • Bottles
  • Bottle caps
  • Pouches
  • Cartons

5. What machine you need?

In this business, you need so many different types of machines that you can use in mineral water processing. but you need to select the best one as per your investment and requirements. Two types of machinery are there. One is for fully automatic machinery and one is for semi-automatic work, so you have an option to select in between them as per your need or your budget.

These are some important machinery and equipment that required for the mineral water plant business, 

  1. Storage Tanks
  2. Treatment Tanks
  3. RO (Reverse Osmosis) Plant
  4. Sand Filter
  5. Activated Carbon Filter
  6. Chlorination Tanks
  7. Micron Filter
  8. Ozone Generator
  9. Water Sterilizers and Dispensers
  10. Ultraviolet Disinfection System
  11. Electronic Doser for Alum and Chlorine
  12. Water Filling Machines
  13. Bottle Wrapping Machine

6. Water purification process 

Step 1 – Collect the Water

The first thing you need to do is collection of raw water. Then you need to store it in storage tanks through pumping. In the storage, the heavy metals are separated from the water. 

Step 2 – Remove Impurities

In the second step, the major impurities are removed from the raw water. And in this process water become more clear and drinkable.

Step 3 – Bubbling Chlorine Gas Processes

After that, the purified water is transferred to a storage tank. In here the water is passed through a bubbling chlorine gas system. 

Step 4 – Sand Filteration

In the 4th step, water is passed through the sand filters. It filters the impurities from the raw water.

Step 5 – Carbon Filteration

After sand Filteration, one more filtration is required. So the carbon filtration is done. In this process removal of color, odor and dechlorination are removed. 

Step 6 – Micro Filters

In this step, the water is passed through the microfilters. In this process, the water passed through UV light. 

Step 7 – Packaging

After all other processes and filtration finally, the mineral water becomes ready to drink. And then it goes for packaging. And with a beautiful look, it becomes ready to go in the market.

7. Marketing and sales

Marketing is very important for your business. For this business offline marketing like billboards, banners, local tv ads are the best ways for you. You can also run newspaper ads in your local newspaper. 

8. How much manpower required

It depends on how big your plant is. In general, in a mineral water plant, there are almost 50 to 200 people are required. Like you need to hire workers, managers, sells man, transport workers, and others. So choose the right people according to your business. 


Nowadays every person becomes very conscious about that health. And minerals water plays a very important role. So if you start this business there is a very high chance of your success. But as always you need to do hard work for it. Ane then definitely the chance will increase to become successful. I wish you very good luck.

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