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Top 10 Social Media Tips for the 2023 Blogger

Here are ten ideas and tips that the 2021 social blogger can implement into his works:
Top 10 Social Media Tips for the 2021 Blogger

Top 10 Social Media Tips for the 2023 Blogger

The social media landscape changes every day and if you are trying to keep your business running with old strategies then it will likely not work. This ever-changing social space is always dominated by either new social sites or old and established social networks with new ideas. If we are to look into the strategies that had worked in the past decade or so then you will see that from catchy images to infographics, video marketing to short videos, from long articles to short tweets – everything has come down to getting into the content as quickly as possible and stay relevant and deliver as soon as possible.

That said, the original content that is helpful and enjoyable has still kept its space and when it comes to learning something useful and important, people still read and watch long videos with total attention.

For the bloggers though, it is a matter of content creation rather than consumption so here the criteria are slightly different. The basic idea is still the same, one needs to listen to the social media influencers and slowly and surely take their ideas and use them into your creations. Here are ten ideas and tips that the 2022 social blogger can implement into his works:

1. Post enough

Social media timelines are meant to be over-flowed. Even if you post once or twice, the timelines of your audiences will still be flowing because there is just too much content. Let that be as it may, you just have to understand that your content – whatever you post on social media will have a very small attention span and after that, it will get buried down. 

One way to make this work is to come up with better content, more on this point later, but the really basic way to keep on top of the social media timelines is by posting enough updates which are well spaced throughout the day. Feel free to use a tool for this if you wish but anything less than 5 updates a day for a social site is usually low.

2. Short Videos

Run with the trends and short videos which are less than half a minute are heavily in the trends. These short videos can be shared across any social site, they can be set as status updates and well they are pretty much everywhere.

It is now becoming a habit for everyone to keep watching these short videos, they don’t want to scroll for more or click a button – holding the phone is all that the viewers are ready to do and in such a time if you can feed more short videos you can keep your audience glued.

3. Join the smaller communities 

There are communities on every social site like Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, or even Pinterest boards. They are easy to join and one does not need to post too much in these groups – just the bare minimum. The real reason to join these groups is to see what the others are doing-especially if they are in the same niche. Not just ideas, it is a gold mine for relevant content which is very educational.

4. Connect with fellow influencers

You as a social media blogger are an influencer, perhaps micro as of now but you do count! To make yourself heard over others you need other micro-influencers to listen to you. Try sharing other influencer's content, comment on their shares, and make yourself heard. It might take time but once you can make a good connection you will see others helping out by sharing what you post.

5. Make use of Hashtags

While this advice is old but it is also time-tested and reliable. If you want to search for something relevant then start looking for a related hashtag. This way you can track down both people and content related to a particular keyword with ease. This same advice is true when you make content because if you add relevant hashtags people looking for the same content will be able to find it easily.

6. Be everywhere but be more where it matters

Everyone is on Facebook or Twitter but there are specific social networks that target a special category for example – Linkedin is for professionals and Pinterest is for fashion, Moms, women, and the likes. As a social blogger if you can be specific to a network then your chances of becoming an expert for that social network increase. That said if you have got more time – be everywhere.

7. Be event-specific 

Almost all events in the world attract attention on the web. Be it Christmas, New Year, or the 4 th of July – any day worth something can be useful for social media marketing. Events need to be planned well in advance because most people shopping for the new year won’t wait for it till the last day, so one needs to be quicker and start at least a month in advance.

8. Use Canva

Making catchy images does help and it does not require too many editing skills. All you need is a tool like Canva and then just a bit of text and some catchy graphics and you are done. This little tweak makes a huge difference compared to posting the images available – as is.

9. Run Contests

Contests are fun and it engages your audience. Your followers aren’t yours alone – they follow a lot of people and might not remember you much but if you run regular contests they will start to remember you. This will not just increase your follower base and counts, it will make your followers truly remember you. Some basic contests like – comment, tag friends and like to get something can be really helpful.

10. Direct Message

This is not one of those strategies that you want to misuse rather than use. A direct message isn’t something that people read too much, and on the whole, they don’t like it much. That said, if it is personalized and you have done your homework – like following your target, sharing their content, and make a somewhat connection – a direct message might work out as well. 

Social media is an ever-changing landscape and the best of the tips will fail if they aren’t current with the trends. Some of the tips are evergreen and can be used at all times, but most of them are part of the changing social media times. Just stay updated and make use of what is working now.

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