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Top 10 Most Beautiful and Famous Assamese Actresses in Jollywood

Explore the top 10 most beautiful and famous Assamese actresses in Jollywood. Discover the leading ladies of Assamese cinema, their stunning performan

Top 10 Assamese Actresses in Jollywood 2024

If you are looking for the most beautiful Assamese face in Jollywood then you are in the right place. There are many beautiful Assamese actresses in the Assamese Film industry. Today we will share the Best 10 Assamese Actress with their social media link.

Fairy Priya Ahmed

Most Beautiful and Famous Assamese Actresses

The Assamese film industry is growing day by day. In its journey, the film industry is giving us a lot of new faces as an actor and actress among us. Among them, we can mention the new talented Assamese actress Fairy Priya Ahmed. she has not only appeared in Assamese movies such as the 2014 comedy Abhadra, the Urmila Mahanta-starrer TRP Aru, and the 2014 musical drama Rodor Sithi but was also seen in few episodes of Crime Petrol. This actress is really a hard worker, for which she can her fame across the youth of Assam. She is associated with the 2017 Assamese movie Khalnayak which is directed by Hemanta  Nilim Das. She was very busy in 2017  with her projects, which include the action-thriller Gangs of North East.

Movies By Fairy Priya Ahmed

Year Movie Title Role Language Genre 1 Genre 2 Genre 3
2023 Dispurot Gabhoru Actor Assamese ACTION COMEDY
2018 Raja Returns Actor Assamese COMEDY ROMANTIC
2017 Khalnayika Actor Assamese ROMANTIC THRILLER
2014 Gangs Of Northeast Actor Hindi ACTION ROMANTIC THRILLER
TRP Aru (Assamese) Actor Assamese DRAMA

Barasha Rani Bishaya

Most cute actress in assamese | assamese popular actress

Barasha Rani Bishaya is an Indian actress, who is shining since the 90's time in the Assamese film industry. It is worth mentioning here that she has secured a good place not only in the Assamese film industry but also in many mobile theatre groups of Assam. Apart from acting, she is also a very good Bihu dancer of Assam. She was born on 20 September 1983. She has the Prag Cine Awards in 2013 for the film"Me and My Sister".Through the Assamese film "Joubone Aammoni Kore", she has marked a good change in the Assamese film industry.

Movies By Barasha Rani Bishaya

Year Movie Title Role Language Genre 1 Genre 2 Genre 3
2022 Rajneeti: Part 1 Actor Assamese POLITICAL THRILLER
2022 Guwahati Diaries Actor Assamese DRAMA
2018 Raktabeez Actor Assamese ACTION DRAMA THRILLER
2017 Tumi Aahibaane Actor Assamese DRAMA MUSICAL ROMANTIC
2015 Khel - The Game Actor Assamese ACTION THRILLER
2010 Basundhara-the Earth Actor Assamese DRAMA

Lonishri Das

Lonishri Das cute photo new | assamese actress photography

Another new talented actress seen in the Assamese film industry is Lonishri Das. Since her childhood, she attracted to dancing. Actually, she is coming from a rich cultural family. Her cultural journey started from her school days when she was a student of Shankardeva Shishu Vidya Niketan, Goalpara. Seeing her brilliant performance at her school days, her music school teacher predicted her to be an expert dancer one day. She acted in popular Assamese song,' Selfie le le re' by Montumoni Saikia,'Eh dehi eh dehi' by Hurricane Girls,'Dhire Dhire' by Zubeen Garg and Deeplina  Deka hugely popular around all over Assam. In the coming days, if the industry can throw her at a good character, undoubtedly, this new face can certainly make a remarkable spot for her in the industry.

Movies By Lonishri Das

Year Movie Title Role Language Genre 1 Genre 2 Genre 3
2021 Goru Actor Assamese COMEDY DRAMA
2019 Astittwa Actor Assamese DRAMA

Parineeta Borthakur

Parineeta Borthakur sexy photo | assmese sexy actress photo

Parineeta Borthakur, from Assam, now is a renowned feature all over India. A model cum actress Borthakur first appeared on TV in Pritam Pyare Aur Woh on SAB TV as Gogoi. She also featured in Bollywood movies like Force, Chalo Dilli, and Kurbaan. We are happy to mention here a lot of Assamese films where Parineeta made a good mark, such as Nayak,(Munin Barua)(2001), Barood,(2004), BorolarSansar(2005), Jeevan Baator Ligori,(Timothy Das Hanche), Poley Poley Urey Mon(Timothy Das Hanche). Again in several Hindi films and serials,she also marked a good entry. Here we can name them,su h as Saas Bahu Aur SensexShona Urvashi (2008), Kurbaan Rensil D'Silva(2009), Force,(Nishikanth Kamath).As an actress from Assam who can now be established in the Mumbai Cine world, we wish her a glorious future.I like her most popular quote, "A woman is the best judge for Herself."

Movies By Parineeta Borthakur

Year Movie Title Role Language Genre 1 Genre 2 Genre 3
2018 The Underworld Actor Assamese CRIME DRAMA
2016 Gaane Ki Aane Actor Assamese DRAMA MUSICAL

Amrita Gogoi

Amrita Gogoi new cute photo download | assamese girl photo

Amrita Gogoi, another popular Assamese actress who is also able to occupy a good place in the Indian film industry. She made her debut Ahetuk was released in 2015. Amrita Gogoi started her acting career of Mobile Theatre in the season of 2016 - 17 in Hengul Theatre where Prosenjit Bora and Syamontika Sharma in the opposite role.

Movies By Amrita Gogoi

Year Movie Title Role Language Genre 1 Genre 2 Genre 3
2022 Rhino Express Actor Assamese COMEDY
2021 Chandrawali Actor Assamese DRAMA ROMANTIC
2019 Pratighaat Actor Assamese ACTION CRIME DRAMA
2018 Epaar Xipaar Actor Assamese DRAMA
2018 Nijanor Gaan Actor Assamese DRAMA MUSICAL
2017 Soi Gaaor Chompa Actor Assamese DRAMA ROMANTIC
2015 Dur Actor Assamese DRAMA ROMANTIC
2015 Ahetuk Actor Assamese ACTION

There are three popular Assamese  music videos of Amrita Gogoi- Pedel Mari Mari- Babu Borah,Biju Biju Mon - Dikshu Sarma, Malobika Borua - Dikshu Sarma

Preeti Kangkana

preety kangkana hot photo | assamese actress image new

Preeti Kangkana, another model cum  newcomer Assamese film actress is growing in popularity day by day across the youth of the state. The Assamese popular serial "Ardhangini" make a turning point to this actress. Through this serial, this actress becomes more popular all over the state. She has been a model girl since her 16 years of age. In the area of modeling, she was first runners up in "Miss Tilottama".Later in 2011, she could able to won,"Miss India Trust".She gains a lot of popularity through various Assamese songs and serials. Ardhangini is one of the most important ones. Her spouse's name is Simanta Shekhar who is a popular Assamese singer.

Prasturti Parashar

Prasturti Parashar new photo 2021 | assamese actress Prasturti Parashar image

Prastuti Parashar, another brilliant figure in the Assamese film industry is shining through her debut Assamese Bani Das's film, Maharathi, which was released in 1999. This most popular and successful actress of the present time was born at Malow Ali in Jorhat, in the year 1981. Her father Bijoy Chandra Sarma was the former principal of Jagannath Barooah College. At the age of around 5 years, she started her acting career through a serial named Barnil in Doordarshan, Guwahati. She won the best female actor award in Dada Saheb International Film Festival in 2016 for her role in the Assamese film "Mriganabhi".In the same year, she won the Prag Cine Award for the same film for the same category.

Prastuti is also earning a very good name through her excellent performance in the stage drama in the mobile theatre throughout Assam.

Movies By Prastuti Parashar

Year Film Director
1999 Maharathi Bani Das
2000 Tumi Mur Mathu Mur Zubeen Garg
2000 Asene Kunuba Hiyat Baharul Islam
2001 Aai Maram Tumar Babe Taufique Rahman
2002 Gun Gun Gane Gane Bidyut Chakravarty
2002 Priya O Priya Anjan Kalita
2002 Jakham Munna Ahmed
2002 Prem Aru Prem Sambhu Gupta
2002 Jiban Nabir Duti Par Munna Ahmed
2003 Eyei Jonak Biheen Jivan Munna Ahmed
2003 Jumon Sumon Mohibul Haque
2004 Antaheen Jatra Munna Ahmed
2004 Hridoy Kapowa Gaan Jayanta Nath
2004 Barood Munin Barua
2004 Rong Munin Barua
2004 Dinabandhoo Munin Barua
2005 Suren Suror Putek Chandra Mudoi
2011 Raamdhenu Munin Barua
2012 Me & My Sister Rajesh Bhuyan
2015 Ahetuk Bani Das
2015 Tez Bhaskar Upadhyaya
2016 Doordarshan Eti Jantra Rajesh Bhuyan
2016 Paglee Rupjyoti Borah
2017 Mriganabhi Hemen Das
2022 Ganga Mani Sinha
2024 Protishruti Kishor Tahbildar

Tehshin Akhtar

Sexy assamese Actress photo | Assamese hot Actress photo

Tehshin Akhtar, another young talented actress of the Assamese film industry gained her fame through the comedy Assamese serial "Bharaghar".We are happy to mention it here that she has also able to make a good entry in the Indian film industry. She is currently a resident of Guwahati, Assam. She was born in Shillong, Meghalaya. Now she overlooks her work from Guwahati. She is not only a good actress but also a good singer. She is also doing several stage performances as a guest singer throughout Assam. She also appeared in many Assamese videos. Her most applauded appearance was in the video Savvi Sabarwal's  Parchaiyaan. 

She always likes to busy in some innovative and dynamic works. She also runs a YouTube Channel, where she sings a cover of many pop songs."Durjan", an Assamese movie that was released in 2013, where Tehshin was seen in a comedy role.

Sukanya Rajguru

Sukanya Rajguru Hot Photo | Assamese cute Actress photo

Sukanya Rajguru, another new face in the Assamese film industry made a good entry through the Assamese serial, Pratigya. She admits herself that it is Prastuti Parashar who gave a chance to made a role in "Pratigya".She also told it in an interview that she satisfied more when her mother becomes happy seeing her performance either in the stage drama or in the film role. She said that to give a dynamic motion to the Assamese film industry, it is important to make the people of Assam more interested in the Assamese film. However, it is Zubeen Garg who showed that at the present time the Assamese film industry is also capable to cover a market of more than rupees one crore. Sukanya really a very beautiful actress who runs through the hearts of most of the youths of Assam. She also has done her best performance in the mobile theatre of Assam.

Deeplina Deka

most cute assamese actress in assam Deeplina Deka

Deeplina Deka, a young and multi-talented Indian Assamese singer makes her debut with the Assamese box office hit movie, "Mission China", directed by Zubeen Garg. This movie could able to make the business of Rs.1 crore through Assam and across the country. Through by education she is an electrical engineer, and she is famous as a singer. She was a student of Kendriya Vidyalaya, Jagiroad, Assam. She Higher Secondary education from Maharshi Vidya Mandir, Silpukhuri, Guwahati, and from Girijananda Choudhury Institute of Management and Technology, she did her bachelor of engineering.Padumi Deka is her mother and Babul Deka is her father. It is also to be cited here that in Kathak dancing she is a trined and in classical music, she has gotten her Visharad degree. Now in classical music, she is doing her Nipun(Masters) degree.

Movies By Deeplina Deka

Year Film Role Language Genre 1 Genre 2 Genre 3
2022 Bhola Bombhola Actor Assamese COMEDY DRAMA
2017 Mission China Actor Assamese ACTION THRILLER

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