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How to Make a Blog On BlogSpot Platform In 2023 | Blogger Tips 2023

blogging tips to blogger| how to make a blog on blogspot

Owning a blog in 2023 can be a superb idea to make money online because with the help of blogging, you can earn money by expressing your own thoughts or news and you can share anything with the world. I saw many bloggers, who earn huge amounts of money by writing just a simple post.

Somewhere I read that every day, millions of articles are published on the internet, and more than 250 thousand new blogs are created in this world. It means more than 3 new blogs are published per second. Is not Amazing? Many blogs are indexed daily on Google with their various topics, and many of them became famous. So, now it is your turn!

How To Make a Blog On BlogSpot Platform | Google Blogger Noob to Pro Tips

If you want to start a free website like me then you are in the right place. Creating your own blog website is a great idea because you can share anything you want and if you are a passionate blogger like me, you can also earn a good income from your blog.

In this post, I have written many things about many blogging platforms that you can use to create a free blog for yourself. I generally suggest you create your own blog by owning a new domain and hosting or you can read my post on how to make a blog in in very easy steps.

Creating a blog on a self-hosted platform is a very good idea if you want to make money from it. But if your budget is low ( less than 1000), and you wish to create a free blog for personal use then is the best choice. Although I recommend you purchase a hosting service and work like a pro.

How To Start a Blog For Making Money | How To Make Money Blog (Earn up to $4000/month) Blogger tutorial for Beginners

Nowadays many blogging platforms are available on the internet which offers users to create free blogs on them. If you are searching for a free blog, my best suggestion is to start blogging with or

Once you have some experience with blogging, you can upgrade your blog to a self-hosted WordPress blog.

Free BlogSpot blog allows you to create a free blog. but some features are not available here. However, if you wish you can start from noob to pro like a boss.

However, as I said above, for a newbie blogger you have to learn how to create a blog and start with the blogging process.

Create a Free Blog on Google Blogger

This post is for the “beginners” who are new to blogging life and they want to learn the basics involved in the process. Before I start the complete tutorial, there are certain things you should remember:

At first, BlogSpot is a blogging platform powered by Google. which offers you an opportunity to create a free blog, and the image you posted there are all hosted by Picasa which is also part of Google.

Secondly, if your main goal is to make money online through blogging and you want to give your blog, a professional look, I would suggest you create your blog using is like blogger but there have many many options which are not available in blogger, with the help of our free WordPress guide, you can create your WordPress blog in 60 minutes or less than that.

Advantages Of Starting A Blog On Site

  • Creating a blog on google blog is very easy, you don't need any coding skills like PHP. Html etc.
  • Blogger is part of google as I mentioned above so you got a secure and safe environment. google blogger gives you a 100% free blogging service, you don't have to pay money for it.
  • If you search on the internet you will find many blogging platforms like WordPress, Tumblr,, etc. if you compare with them you will find is the best of all other platforms which gives you more freedom.
  • Setting a custom domain in google's blog is a very easy process. Or you can continue with a free subdomain.
  • Google provides a free SSL Certificate for your blog (You can enable it by click HTTPS on the option).
  • They Provide more than 5 responsive and simple template which you can use on your blog. For the premium blog theme, you have to search on google. There is many blogger theme provider site on google.
  • Blogspot has some cool feature for blog design which is template editor, template designer, and layout editor. With the help of them, you can design your blog more attractive. You can also use many widgets which is so simple and easy.
  • Post Editing and publishing are very simple. Post editor has all the essential tools for writing a good post. You can easily edit modify everything with the help of the post editor.
  • You can easily monetize your blog with Google AdSense even you have no custom domain. If you have one then you can apply for other ad networks like popup ads etc.
  • Later if you wish to migrate your site to their blog platform then by using their plugins, you can easily switch to migrate your blog without losing any post or text.
ok, now we will learn how to start a blog with blogger platforms using our step-by-step guide below.

Step-by-step Guide to Creating a Free Blog on BlogSpot platform :

Create a Google Account

Do you have a google account? To access your blogger dashboard you need a google account. It is just a signup process go here or make a google account. If you already created one account then skip the step and log in to your account.

Sign in to your Blogger Account

To create your free BlogSpot blog website, search on google "" and login using your Google account. Then go for the next step.

Choose a Blogger Profile

Once you are logged in for the first time in Blogspot it will ask you to set up a blogger profile for your new blogs. Now You can choose your Google profile or Blogspot profile. You can pick any of them and go to the next step.

Create your blog

Click on the “new blog” button or click on this link to go there: Create a free blog. Give a meaningful/unique name to your blog And Launch Your Blog:

Add a  unique name. Most people choose their personal name here but I don't recommend it. If you want to work as a professional blogger then you have to choose the best name for your blog. For example, my blog name is jonakaxom which is a unique name. Hope you understand.

Now select your domain. I suggest you read “How To Select a Domain Name” Before selecting a domain to click the link for more information.

Next, select a blog template, and click on the button “Create Blog”.You can add a professional blogger template in the future. Now your blog is ready, but your works are not completed here!

There are a few settings that you have to change on your blog to make it easy to use.

Now you see the BlogSpot dashboard where you will see many options like the post, comment, etc. Now Go to the “Settings” and do as I have shown in this picture.

Steps To Optimize Your Blogger Blog

In the left side panel of your Blogspot blog, you can see the “Setting” option. Now click on the setting button to edit and do this step.

Write A Description  For Your Blog

You have to write some words about your blog in the description box which is very necessary, for a blog because adding a description on your blogs helps your reader and search engines that what is the category of your blog. You can write your blog description by click on basic settings option in the main settings

Blogger Post, Comment, and sharings Settings

This will help if you want to optimize your blog homepage, loading speed and you can set up who can comment on your blog on this section. You can avoid this setting. These settings are for a better blog experience. You can use it later. If you have any doubt you can ask me by writing a comment below.

Edit Search preference and Optimize Your Blogspot for better SEO

In the setting button, you can easily optimize your Blogspot blog for google or other search engines. below I am writing the process of how can you edit these setting 

Edit Blogspot meta tag

your blog meta tag is a summary of your blog. if anybody searches your blog name on google, google focuses your meta tag and shows your blog on search results. It is very important that your meta description should be the same as what you have written on your site. You can write meta tags/descriptions within 150 words.

Custom page not found edit: 

have you ever delete some popular posts from your blog? when people visit your deleted post link which does not exist. To fix this you can set any custom text or message for them instructing them to read your other post.

Custom redirects for broken links: 

you can redirect your broken post links to another post your site. If can only redirect your blog link with your same domain name 

Crawlers and indexing setting:

I suggest you avoid this step. This setting has a little effect on your blog ranking. if you wish to do you can see my photo.

SEO Robot.txt-

you can add robot text code by visiting this post. - Best Seo Robot.Txt for blogger

have you done all Blogspot SEO settings for your blogger blog as I have mentioned above? After doing this you can now edit your blog layout.

Tips to Customize Your Blogspot Blog?

In your blogger dashboard left panel section, there are two options,  “Theme” and “Layout”. Clicking on this button you can customize your blog like new theme installation, logo setup, change the color of your blog, Text style, Post text color, etc. You can choose a Mobile-friendly Blogger Template for your blog site to make your blog responsive .you can edit the Favicon icon, blog header, and footer design, you can add a sidebar widget, etc.

google blogspot layout design | blog design tips

After doing this I want to say to you that you have done finishing your blog setup and design. Now we learn how to publish some posts and pages in our Blogspot blog that carry traffic to your blog.

How to Write Your First Blog Post on Blogger site

First Go to the dashboard Than click on the “Posts” then the “New post” button and write your first blog post there are many options you can use in writing a standard post .you can see my photo for more info. 

After your first post, I would suggest that you go to “Pages” and create 4 pages “About Us”, "Privacy Policy", "Disclaimer", and "Contact Us". If you don't know what should you write here then take a look at our page. 

The most important thing is that you should change your blog template to a professional blogger template. Because the default Blogger theme is so boring and looks like an old model. (It is my personal opinion)

I have written a blog post on my site 5+ Super Fast Speed SEO Ready Blogger Templates you can read and get your theme. Then go to “Settings” > “Template” and change the old template with a new one.

How to Earn from a Blogspot blog

Once you have a few blog posts up and running, you can go to “Settings” > “Earnings” and enable AdSense for your blog. After Adsense approval you can earn money from your free BlogSpot blog.

How to enable google adsense on google blogger

Some More Key Points You Should Remember When You are going to running Blog In 2023 on

  1. Always use a premium blogger template on your blog. There Is many Blogger template provider on the internet which will make your blog more attractive by its design.
  2. Don't copy other blog posts. Google always wants original content and if using someone’s idea, don’t forget to credit back to them.
  3. create some pages such as About us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Contact Us, etc
  4. Use a good domain and set up it for your new blog.
  5. Don't forget to create social media profiles for your blog. You can create a page on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, and other platforms.
  6. Always enable HTTPS i.e. SSL Certificate for your blog on Blogspot(You can easily enable it by going to your blog dashboard . you can easily configure it )

your blog site is almost ready now you can start writing and publish your own posts. If you want to make your blog post visible on google you have to do some more things.

I already cover most of the things in my previous post, Blogspot SEO tips or you can watch my video  tutorial below (If you don't know Assamese then mute the audio and still you can learn all things.)

Note: This post is written for everyone who wants to create a blog but doesn't have any idea where to start. If you think this post is helpful then please share it on Facebook and Twitter and subscribe to our newsletter to keep receiving more updates.
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  1. Sir Assames language blog ot google adsense aproval pai ne napai
    1. Pai
    2. adsense will approve on assamese blogs also. At first we tried blogging in assamese language.

      always keep remember this points before apply for approval on assamese blog

      1.write unique assamese content.
      2.use copyright free image on your Assamese post
      3.try to update your blog daily.

      thank you this will definitely help you.
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  4. I read your full article. This is a very impotent topic. I’m really loving your blog.
    I have a very small blog. There I try to write something similar. Please visit my site & do you have any suggestions.
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