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How to Install a Google Blogger template in 2022 (Blogspot Theme Upload)

How to Install a Google Blogger template in 2022 | Blogspot Theme Upload

This post is about to install a blogger template in the new blogger interface

The blog template or blog theme gives an attractive look on your blog site. Thousands of blogger templates available on the internet. Which you can download and use for free.

If you are good at coding then you can also design your own blog template as per your own requirements.

Which Is the best blogger template in 2022

when choosing the best blogger template you must check the theme features which are available to the download page of the free or paid bloggers' template site such as sora template, or you can test individually by applying the code on your testing blog site. Learn How to choose the Best Blogspot template.

How do I import a Theme In a Blogger Blog in 2022?

Blogger template comes with an XML extension. you can open the file with notepad or notepad ++ (the best one which I am personally using) and modify it as given the blog documentation by the owners of the theme.

Let start the easy steps,

How to install a blogger theme in 2022 | How to import a template into a blogger 

In this step, open your blogger dashboard > theme and click on the down arrow button as shown in fig.

You will see multiple options such as backup restore edit HTML etc. You need to backup your old theme.

Next, click on the restore button and upload the new theme and you are done.

Showing error? Follow the 2nd step

How to import a theme into a blogger Manually

In this step, you need to open your new blog theme on notepad ++ and copy the full code with Ctrl+A (Select all) next Ctrl+C (Copy)

Now go to blogger dashboard > theme then click the down arrow and click on the Edit HTML button.

Paste your copied code with CTRL+V (paste) on the box shown there and save it.

Sometimes there would need some improvement if you make a mistake while putting the HTML code then you need to contact the theme owners for the fix. 

Test your website

After that open your blog in a new tab and test the site and check whether the theme is working well or not. 

Bonus Point

Whenever you need to improve your site with custom design and features you can add your custom HTML code or javascript below the <head> section.

How to Design your Blogspot blog

In the layout button on your blogger dashboard, you can design your blog for better looks by adding a menu, social links wideget, etc.

You can upload your own logo in this section. To make a unique logo for free you can Crello logo-making site.

How to set logo in Blogspot blog

To upload your custom logo go to the dashboard > layout and click on the pencil icon near to Header Logo Section. Upload your logo and save it.

How to set Social Widgets Blogspot blog

Many new templates have a social widget button. To edit this open layout and check your right sidebar for Social Widgets or plugin and edit those links with your social media links.

Click the save button after you have completed the steps.

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