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(Latest) How To Wear Mekhela Chador In 10 Step For Beginner

(Latest) How To Wear Mekhela Chador In 10 Step For Beginners 

Assam is a beautiful place that happens to be one of the seven sisters in the northeast. The Mekhela Chadar is the traditional dress for the women of Assam. Mekhela and Chadar are said to be the native dress of Assam. 

There are several types of Mekhela Chadar. Out of which some of them are:-Silk, Muga, Pat, Eri, Pat Muga, etc. 

Mekhela: Mekhela is draped from the waist downward's and then folded into pleates (Mostly three) and tucked in.

Chadar: The Chadar is the upper part of the clothe. Chadar's one end is tucked into the Mekhela, and then rest is wrapped around the body and goes over the shoulder.

This article is about How to wear Mekhela chador in easy step. Let's learn the step

10 Simple steps To Wear Mekhela Chador For Girls And Women's

1. Put on the Mekhela like a gown.

2.With your right hand form a pleat and hold it there. Now, with your left hand make three pleates holding each between your index and your four fingers.

3. Bring the three pleates together such that they should align with each other. 

4.Once the pleates are aligned, tuck the upper portion of the pleates into your Peticoat below your naval and there you are almost done with your Mekhela.

5. Now, take your Chadar and draw out a part of it keeping in mind how much you intend to leave behind your back, and drape it over your shoulder.

6.Bring the other end to the front leaving one-fourth of its end to dangle so that it forms a triangle pleat aligning with the pleates of the Mekhela.

7.Pin up the Chadar to the Mekhela so that the pleates stay in place. 

8.Now, make a few pleates (preferably three) of the Chadar starting from your shoulder and pin it to hold it in place. 

9.Once this is done drape the remaining amount of the Chadar across your back bringing the other end of the Chadar to the front. 

10.Adjust the pleates on your chador and the Mekhela.

There you are all set with gorgeous attire.

Written By Mousumi 

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