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How to start popcorn business in India with low investment (Updated)

How to start popcorn business in India with low investment

Are you looking for a new business idea that you can start in your local area or want to open a small manufacturing business but don't know what kind of business you need to do?

The popcorn business is one of the most profitable and growing businesses in India. You can start it as a family business with a very low investment of just 10,000 rupees.

In this blog I am going to tell details about the popcorn business which you can start in your local area and also you can start a manufacturing business of it.

It a proven business all around the country. You can notice lots of popcorn shops or businesses near you. They all are most profitable.

How to start popcorn business in India with low investment (Updated)

Popcorn, a food that every age people love to eat. Yes, we are talking about the same popcorn snack that is quite common among people of all ages. 

Most people like to enjoy it while watching a movie, watching a stage show, or any other event. But the kids just sit there holding on to the stubbornness of eating it. Popcorn is delicious and easy to digest. No matter how much you eat, it will not adversely affect your health because it is digested very quickly. So often parents fill their child’s stubbornness with popcorn packs. 

There is always a demand for popcorn in the market, so to full fill the demand anyone can start a popcorn business with very little investment. Today, we will try to find all these things to start this business in our article, but anyone can go ahead with the venture and start a popcorn manufacturing business.

What is the Opportunity of Popcorn Business in India?

What is the Opportunity of Popcorn Business in India

This business can be started very comfortably in urban as well as rural areas. You do not need a specific place or more money for this. You can also put a popcorn machine in a ready-made handcart. You can also buy packing machines to sell artistically if you want. However, if you want to reduce the cost, then this work can be done manually.

What is Popcorn?

Popcorn is usually used as a snack item. It is a modified form of corn where hard corn grains are heated and swollen and these swollen grains are called popcorn. Stoves and pans are used to make popcorn in the countryside and machines are used in industry. However, their quality depends on the particular variety of maize because not every type of maize can produce high-quality popcorn. So, for the success of this popcorn manufacturing business, it is necessary to select the right kind of corn.

Why it will be a good business idea?

There are several good reasons for selling popcorn. They are easy to digest, very tasty, and popular breakfast items. That's why popcorn is becoming popular among consumers. As the number of consumers is increasing, the number of manufacturers in India is also increasing. In cities, its number increasing rapidly. With sales potential, this is a very easy business to start in India with a low investment. Starting a popcorn manufacturing business in terms of income with a good profit margin business. It can be beneficial for anyone.

Where you can start Popcorn Business?

1. If you want to start this business in your village, you need a ready wheelbarrow and then you have to fit the packing machine in it. Then you take the raw materials. You can sell the popcorn packets of raw material for 5 to 10 rupees with the help of the machine.

2. Another way is if you live in a village or a town, you can start a popcorn-making company. On doing this you have to invest a little more because if you are doing this business in a big way in the city, you need good equipment and packaging material.

If you start a business in a rural area, you do not need to get any kind of license, but if you start this business in a big way, you have to invest more money in it and you also have to get a license.

How many people do you need?

At least 450 square feet or 50 yards would be suitable for starting a small size popcorn manufacturing business at an early stage. However, you may have to arrange different places to do different things according to the work of his business. You may need one or two people who can handle the work of supplying machines, electricity, and water. In addition, you may also need a vehicle, driver, and marketing executive to deliver products that they produced from their business place to customers and buyers.

What kind of machine do you need?

As far as popcorn-making machines are concerned, there are different types of popcorn-making machines available in the market. It has machines that can be run using LPG gas. You should choose the machine keeping in mind the production capacity of the machine and the resources available to them. Also, when choosing a popcorn machine, keep in mind which machine can grow corn kernels. In addition to the machine, you may also need a load weighing machine to weigh the popcorn. But a few companies like Prestige etc have made popcorn makers make popcorn locally. You can also use them.

What kind of raw materials do you need?

Some people add butter and salt to household utensils like pans, pickles, etc. But it is a little difficult to say how safe it is to sell this type of popcorn commercially. As far as the raw materials used in this business are concerned, India is a very large country producing maize and not just popcorn made from maize. Since maize is also used to make oil, flour, starch, liquid glucose, etc., the intention is that maize is produced in almost every state of the country, so the raw material of the popcorn manufacturing business is easily available in every sector. In addition to corn kernels, ghee and salt are also used as raw materials.

What is the cost of a popcorn maker machine?

There are different types of popcorn-making machines available in the market. You can choose the machine according to your quality and quantity. These machines are also known as popcorn makers.

You have to pay 18,000 to 20,000 rupees for a popcorn machine. You will need a sealing machine for packing popcorn. If you do not have experience in the popcorn-making business then you can start a small-scale popcorn-making business with all manual processes.

What kind of Licenses & Registration required for Popcorn Business?

1. For the popcorn business first you need to register your company as a private LTD. Or one-person company. 

2. Since you are going to start a food business so you need an FSSAI license. It is the most important license that you need. You can get this license from this government website,

3. You need to do resister the trademark on your company name.

4. Lastly you need a GST number. For this, you can visit

What is the profit margin in Popcorn Business?

In crowded places, there is always a big market for this business. If this kind of place is there in your area, you will find a large number of targeted customers on there. The profit of this business depends on your hard work, although the average estimate earning that you can earn is from 20,000 to 30,000 rupees a month. And day by day with your popularity increase your income also increases. Just you need to stay focused and put hard work into it. One day your business will grow up.


It is one of the good profitable businesses which you can start at a low investment.

It is growing day by day in India, so this is the right to start this business.

You just need to give a little bit of effort to it and later on it gives you a good amount of money.

Written by Jyotirmoy Chowdhury.

Online Content Creator, Passionate Blogger. I like to read and learn new things. Visit My Blog

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