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Top 5 ways that you can make money from

How to make money online with quora

Top 5 ways that you can make money from

Are you excited to know about the method how you can make money from Quora. As a quora user from last few years, I am going to tell you my tactics How I earn money with

Nowadays if you don’t know something or don’t know the answer to any question then what you do? You probably go to google any type it. 

After that lots of websites are opens and you got your answer. If you notice one thing most of the time a website called "QUORA " comes. 

On this website, you got your all answers irrespective of what it is. But do you know one another fact that you can also make lots of money from this website, which is " QUORA "? So in this blog, I am going to give you details information about how you can make money from Quora.

There are lots of question-answer websites like Quora. But among all of them, it is the most famous and more trustable. It was started in 2009 in California, US. Now it is available in any language and it operates worldwide. 300 million unique visitors visit it every month. So you have a very good opportunity to earning money from it. And day by day more visitors come to this website. And it is the right time to start it.

Before I tell you the methods a want to tell you some more things that what you start working with Quora you don’t expect that it gives you money the next day morning. One thing you know that anything will not happen in just one night. So you need to have patience for at least two to three months. There are some ways and processes that you need to understand first. And when you understood the algorithm then you start making money. First, you have to understand that how it works? And when you got to know all the tricks then no one can stop you from earning money. I know lots of my friends, college students who making 5000 to 10,000 per month from Quora.

Who can earn money from Quora?

Well, if I frankly say, everyone can earn money from it. To earning money from Quora you don’t need any high degree or any certificates. If you know something then share it with the world and make money. 

1.  students

If you are a student then it is a very good time to make money from it. You can share your study-related thing with the whole world and you know one thing that knowledge will increase when you share it. It will help you to understand a concept better and along with it gives you money. 

2. Working Professionals 

If you are a working professional then it is a good way to make an extra income. You can share your work-related thing in there and you guide the students that how they get a job that you are doing now.

3. Teachers 

For teachers, it a very good way of a second income. They already had proper knowledge about any topics. By using that and sharing it they can earn money.

4. Housewife 

For all housewives, it is a very good way of income. If they know about any topic then can share it, and earn good money from it.

Now the question is how? How you can earn money from Quora, and how much money you can make?

The top 5 ways you can make money on Quora

1. Answering the Questions.

The first and the most popular way of earning from Quora is answering the questions. Nowadays lots of people post thousands of questions on Quora every day. If you know the answer to a particular question then you can write it, and when someone read it then you get paid. 

Let's understand it with an example, let say someone posts a question that what is the best way of earning money online in 2021? Now if you know the proper answer to these questions then you can write it. And when people read your answer you got money from Quora. You can write every answer that you know and can make lots of money.

If you ask how much, then the answer is 50,000 to 1,00,000 Indian rupees per month.

2. Asking Questions.

The second most popular and beautiful way of earning in Quora is asking a question. Its sounds amazing right. If you don’t want to give any answer but still you want to make money from it then just ask questions is the best way for you. You need to just ask a relevant question that people are going to search for, which add value, which gives information. If someone answers your questions then you got some money. So if you ask a sufficient number of questions and people give answers to your questions then you can make around 30,000 to 50,000 Indian rupees per month.

3. Affiliate Marketing.

Now let say you don’t want to give any answer or you don’t want to post any questions on it but you still want to make money from Quora then the best way for it Affiliate Marketing. 

Now understand it with examples, let say you write a review on the best smartphones under 50,000 and below your answer, you attached an affiliate link of Amazon or Flipkart or any other e-commerce website. Now when someone reads your review and buy any smartphone from the link you had bellowed then you get a commission from the e-commerce website. Like this, you can post a review of different products and give the affiliate link below your every review. Now, whenever someone reads your review and buys products from your link you get money.

If I talking about how much money you can make then there is no earning limit. You can make 10,000 to 1,00,000 per month or maybe more than it.

4. Traffic Gaining.

Now I going to talk about another way of earning. It is an indirect way of earning. If you have any blog websites, or e-commerce or any kind of website, and you want traffic then Quora helps you to do it. For this, you just need to write a little about it and need to give the link to your blog or e-commerce website. If people want to know more about your blog or want to buy your product then they click on the link that you provide. Then they reach your blog or website and by selling something or showing advertise you can make a good amount of money. 

In this case, your earning is dependent on two cases, first is how much traffic you redirect to your website and the second is how much sales you do. 

5. Brand Association.

The last but most amazing way of earning is a partnership with brands. If you have a good follower base on Quora then the brand gives you money to sell their products to your followers. You need to write reviews or post about the products. And for just doing this you get a good amount of money from brands.

In here also money depends on how much flowers you have, what kind of products you sell, how you negotiate with the brands etc. but if I say it roughly you get around 10,000 to 5,00,000 Indian rupees depending on the situation.  

I hope you got a brief knowledge about it. These 5 are the most amazing and proven way of earning from quora. I use it and if I frankly say, I also earn thousands from it. For buying my daily goods, paying college fees, and a little bit of saving I can do from this money. If you are a student or a housewife or a common man you should try it once. With two to three months of continuous work, you start earning a good amount of money from it.

Thank you.

Written by Jyotirmoy Choudhury.

Online Content Creator, Passionate Blogger. I like to read and learn new things. Visit My Blog

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