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10+ Small Business Ideas To Earn Money From Home In 2023 (Updated Guide)

want to start a business from home but have been wondering about how and from where to start. This article will brief you about a few business ideas
Business ideas from home to earn money | Best Make money on business guide

10+ Small Business Ideas To Earn Money From Home In 2023 (Updated Guide)

Many of you want to start a business from home but have been wondering about how and from where to start. This article will brief you about a few of the small business ideas that can be done from home.

While thinking of operating a business, many people might think about owning a commercial space. But with the increasing demand for home business, people are finding ways to work remotely with their main office at home. These home-based businesses are of different types- some require much spaces, and few can be run online. You can convert one spare room at your home as an office room from where you are going to do all of your works.

Moreover, the home-based business is a plus point for housewives or moms because they can do their work from the comfort of their home while taking care of the family and their child. The home-based business can be started with low investment and good to go as a beginner. At present time, we see an increase in the unemployment rate which in turn makes people think of an alternative way of income. And in this process, the internet has been playing a very great role by helping people to connect to global networks. 

Before starting a home business there are a few pros and cons that one should keep in mind: 


  • - Can be started with low investment.
  • - Can be done online from home.
  • - Flexible/ can be spent more time with family.
  • - Whole family can be involved, as a family business. 


  • - May require converting home space into business space.
  • - If you start a food business, at times it may need a commercial kitchen.
  • - Sometimes it may become difficult to handle family and work if the workload is more.

There are different ways to earn money from home if you have a strong mindset and the right idea. Here is a list of some home-based business ideas that can be done either by housewives, stay-at-home moms or by anyone who is not comfortable in doing a 9 to 5 job. 

1. Small business consultant:

If you have a huge amount of ideas and experience about business then you can provide business owners with resources and ideas, as a business consultant. You can work from home with companies and provide them your ideas, for which you will get paid.

2. Sell homemade products:

If you like to make handmade products then you can turn your hobby into a business. You can create your own products and sell them from your home.You can set your own margin in the products, improve their quality and serve them to its audience in the marketplace. Follow your passion and share your creations with others, so that while following your passion you can make money from there too. There are various options available in handmade items which you can sell- candles, food, jewelry, apparel, decorative items, sweets, etc.

3. Daycare center:

This business is best for housewives and moms, who love kids and like to be at home. In this work, you can take care of your own child as well as others.

4. Gift Baskets/Hampers:

If you are a creative person and like to do things differently then you are an appropriate person to do this work. This work does not require any extra space in your home, just a little bit of spare space will make your work easy. You can start making gift baskets for Diwali, Christmas, or any other such occasions which will consist of glitters, artworks, edible items, handmade goodies, etc. you can customize your own gift basket and sell it locally or online. 

5. Buy products in bulk and sell online/locally:

You may be a person who likes traveling; then you can surely start a business where you can sell products brought from various places.

Suppose you may have traveled abroad and come across unique products that are not available in the market, in this case, you can sell the products according to your own profit margin. Moreover, you can use your home as a store or a showroom and sell the products locally.

6. Start your own Tiffin services: 

The need for food is never-ending because a healthy day starts with healthy food. The idea of the Tiffin service business from home is highly profitable. People nowadays are very conscious about their health, and so they prefer homemade food over restaurant ones. A lot of people live away from home for work, education, or any other purposes; fresh homemade foods can be delivered to those people. You do not need any extra space for this business. Your regular kitchen is just enough. But of course, if you have any added space it’s an advantage for you.

7. Publish E-books:

If you have a good hold over the English language; taking up writing can be a great idea to put up your skill and earn money. You can publish any kind of book-novel, DIY books, art and craft, cooking, baking, handmade goodies, parenting, etc. you can publish your E-book in digital format via- Kindle, Amazon. Also, you can write motivational quotes and put them together as an E-book.

 8. Dropshipping:

Anyone who wants to run an e-commerce site must be worried about storing goods they want to sell.  But drop shipping helps you to take orders online and deliver them to its customer. The one who runs the e-commerce site goes to a third party to fulfill the customer’s orders; the third party is likely a wholesale retailer who runs a shipping operation. If you sell the goods at a higher price than what you paid to the third-party retailer, your dropshipping business is a success.

9. Selling baked goods:

At the present time, people are very much responsive towards homemade food items. If you are someone who likes baking, then you can bake different items and sell them out from your home at your own convenience. You can pack your baked items like- cakes, cupcakes, and cookies and earn money from them. You can even sell out your items online or through local bakeries and departmental stores.

10. Create and sell recipes:

Food is something which is loved by every people and by every age group. If food is your hobby then you can market your recipes and make money online. You can create your own recipe book and sell it online. You can write about- healthy diet, healthy food, sweet dish, dessert, savory, etc. the current trend include a vegan diet and low-calorie food. 


It’s a new trend for you to stand up for yourself and start working. Create your own business at your own freedom and start living the lifestyle you want. The main behind running a successful business is the idea and marketing skills.  A home-based business in today’s world is very much friendly because technology can close the gap between two persons. A home-based business is much encouraging in the way that it cuts the cost of renting for office. It as well as helps one to give time to their family, which is especially seen to be helpful for housewives or moms who can’t go out of the house and work. Thus, you must be very much focused on your goals and think about what motives you. This will always help you to enjoy your work and grow your home-based business.          

By-Ina Deka

Online Content Creator, Passionate Blogger. I like to read and learn new things. Visit My Blog

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