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18 Beautiful Childhood Memory Every Assamese Kid Can Relate | Nostalgia

In this post you can read childhood memories of Assamese Kid
unforgettable childhood memories Assamese child

18 Beautiful Childhood Memory Every Assamese Kid Can Relate | Nostalgia

From the day we first cried on this earth till today we all create beautiful memories. As an Assamese child I, you, and most of us are living the same lifestyle which is different from the other part of India.

In this post, I am going to share 20 Beautiful Childhood Memory Every Assamese Kid Can Relate to their past days.

Assamese Childhood Nostalgia: 18 Childhood Memory of Assamese Children

1.The Time We Use PCO .....

Remember there was a time when people barely used to have mobile phones, and we used to go nearby PCO to have a call

unforgettable childhood memories In Assamese

2. Our Childhood Crush

I'm from that era when every Assamese guy used to have a crush on them

18 Beautiful Childhood Memory Every Assamese Kid Can Relate | Nostalgia

3.The comedy hero of our childhood days. 

They make our childhood awesome.

Assamese Old Actros Actress

4.Movies we've binge-watched in our childhood

Best Assamese Film Loved By Assamese

5. Bideshot Apun Manuh Childhood Assamese Tv Serial

Kudos! You had an awesome childhood if love this serial in your childhood days

Assamese most popular tv serial for 90s people

6.Wearing Sador Mekhela With Gamusa

Wearing Sador-Mekhela and standing in front of the mirror with using the gamusa as khupa was really fascinating for booth boys and girls

remembering my childhood days Assamese Children

7.Koka Aaitatar Hadhukotha

Can we please get back to those times when there was no sorrow in life and we used to listen to stories of Joymoti and Tejimola by sleeping on the lap of koka aaita?

Koka aaitar hadhu 90s assamese child memory

8. The game we use to play on those days

my best childhood memory asamese boy

9. Zubeen Da And His Songs

Zubeen gard old photo | 90s childhood memory

10.Educational Tour At our Primary School

Primary schools used to be like we'll take you for an educational tour and then our teacher takes us the same familiar spot.

old school nostalgia In Assamese

11. The Chocolate We Like

If someone asks me to describe my childhood in a picture.

Childhood choclate photo | evergreen memory for childhod days

12. Monole Ubhoti Aahe Lorali

If you didn't vibe to "Monole ubhoti aahe lorali", sorry we can't be friends.

The best assamese song for 90s kid

13. Paper Boat On Rainy Days

Life was good when we used to play with paper boats on rainy days instead of just Netflix and chill

pure nostalgia of Assamese child

14.Playing Putolar Dora Koina

15. Listening Akashbani To Rj pahi's Love story

From listening tales in Akashvani to RJ pahi's love story, this generation was much affectionate towards radio.

16. For Us Chief Minister Means Tarun Gogoi

From our generation whenever we hear the term "Chief minister" his face will be portrayed in our mind.

17. Playing Antakshari with friends

I'm from that era when playing Antakshari, if the letter comes A then the song used to be "Ahe Ba Nahe Ghumoti" and if B then "Boga koi bogolli bohollai Bohisee...."

18. Childhood Horror Stories

when the electricity goes off the neighborhood would gather and talk about horror stories

Written by - Dhriti Raj

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