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How to Create Sitemap for Blogger and Add Google Search Console 2023

How to Submit Blogger Custom Sitemap to Google Search Console In Easy Step 2021,How to Create Sitemap for Blogger and Add Google Search Console 2021,
Blogger Sitemap generator india | inDian Blogging Tips

How to Submit Blogger Custom Sitemap to Google Search Console In Easy Step 2023

Hi, Welcome to Jonak Axom. Are you looking for the post on how to submit a sitemap to google search engine? Okey. In this post, we share an A to Z sitemap adding tips to search engines.

This step-by-step guide to submit the sitemap to google search engine helps you to discover the new path to blogging.

What Is A Sitemap File?

Generally, A sitemap file is a file where we can provide all the information about a web page, videos, and data inside the link. It is an XML record that rundowns the URLs for a site. you can learn More About Google Sitemap by Googling it.

When you add your sitemap to the google search console it helps to google to find all the URL of your site and add it to their database.

The Sitemap crawl rate determine by several factors

  1. Total Number of Blog Post
  2. Priority Of Indexing
  3. Sitemap Size

How Many Types of sitemap :

There are two types of sitemaps.
  1. XML sitemap -This type of sitemap is written in Extensible Markup Language
  2. HTML sitemap-This type of sitemap is written in Hypertext Markup Language
XML Sitemaps can have two types.
  • Index Sitemap (which is the number of  URL sitemaps of a website have) 
  • URL Sitemap (which is the number total information of  all URLs on a webpage) 

XML sitemaps are further divided into 3 different categories. 
  1. Sitemaps for the webpages (which is known as XML sitemap) 
  2. Image sitemaps (info of images and their URLs on the website) 
  3. Video sitemaps (which webpages have videos embedded in them and their details)

Why we need to submit Blogger sitemap?

Submitting a Blogger Sitemap is a way to inform Google about your website on the Blogspot network. Google recognizes the post and pages on your website. You can increase the rate of the crawl for your website by sending a Google Search Console Sitemap. In this final guide on Google Search Console more relevant SEO issues are illustrated. See this guide for yourself.

Google supports sitemaps in XML, RSS, or Atom formats. Google suggest us Both XML sitemaps and RSS / Atom feeds for optimum crawling

How to Submit Blogger Sitemap? Step By Step Tutorial For Blogger To Submit A sitemap

The next steps will send you an in-depth Blogspot blog sitemap submission process on the Google Search Console. 

How do I send a sitemap blogger? 

1. Check your site's ownership 

Login to Google Search Console and click "Add Site" Check your site's ownership Copy and paste into the field the URL of your home page. Search Console automatically reviews your site if your site is on the blogger. 

2. Next Goto Index > Sitemaps on Your Dashboard

On the left-hand menu button find Index menu and click on Sitemaps. Under the Add a new sitemap text you can submit booth page and post sitemap

How to Submit Sitemap for blogger Post

Enter the complete URL of the website (if it is not given) and write this on the box "sitemap.xml." Click the submit button

How to Submit Sitemap for blogger Pages.

Enter the complete URL of your homepage as mentioned above, then write this "sitemap-pages.xml." Next , click on the submit button


Submitting a sitemap on the google search console is a task of 5 min. I hope you learned and enjoy it. If you have any questions please comment below.
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    1. Hi Rohan thank you for your comment. I have published more blogging tutorial on my blogs .
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    1. Hi, thuthuatit , yes this is the default xml sitemap for blogger.Without any problem you can use this on your blog.

      Please comment if you have any question .

      If you want to learn blogger SEO visit more post on my blogs.
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