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10 Amazing Reasons Why Assamese Girls Are So Irresistible | How to Impress An Assamese Girl

10 Amazing Reasons Why Assamese Girls Are So Irresistible | How to Impress An Assamese Girl 

We, the Indians have various cultures from east to west and from North to the south in our region. The variation in our culture is what makes our country various from the others. One such region in Assam. Assam is a paradise that is not explored much. Having said that, the thing which will steal your eyes and mind is that the great thing about the gorgeous and rich heritage girls and ladies of this culture. Here, I find 10 Secret things about Assamese girls or10 reasons that I feel to say about Assamese girls. 

1- The Beauty of Assamese Girl In Mekhela Chador or Bihu Dress .

Bihu Dress Assamese Girl | Assam Girl Traditional Dress

You will die a thousand deaths if such conditions prevail to get an Assamese girl as your soul-mate. Assamese Girls are eye-catching and really look beautiful when they wear their traditional dress like Mekhela Chador. In the Assamese language, we use the term "Tumak Bohut dhunia Lagise" ( You Look So Beautiful) that you can say to impress her.

2- The cooking skills of an Assamese girl is another eye-catching stuff for every people.

Should I correct the word girl with "Assamese Female"?  Yes, The cooking skills of Assamese girls are really magical, When she will ready for you the tastiest Assamese dishes and you will start eating then the word come from your mouth "wowwwwwww".

3- Respect and Love.

Assamese girl grows up with their families where the moral values really matter to them. If you love and respect her then you will be loved back by the cutest girl on the planet. yes, Believe me. 

4- The fun sorts of stuff she had in her 

Assamese culture started with a macro family. where uncle-aunt, brother-sister are live in one house. So they have a good sense of will never be bored with them. Bet on this She has so many ways to make you feel alive.

5- Music and Assamese Culture- an old and powerful connection

Everybody loves also love music! Are you not? Assamese girls can show you what actual music feels like. Ask her what is borgeet, Bihu feet, Nisukoni Geet, Zubeen Gargs Romantic Songs, Papon da, Bhupen da's songs. whether modern or country doesn’t matter the music of Assamese culture really awesome.

6-You will get a chance to be a part of Assam.

You will visit heaven unexplored. Someday if you marry one girl from Assam, You will be called ‘Moromor Joyai’ in her home. This means you are the ‘Most Sweetest Son-in-law’ and you will be overwhelmed with her family love.

7- Assamese Girls Are Modern and up-to-date too

Modern Assam Girl Image | Assamese Girl Photo Modern Dress

Maybe you are thinking that an Assamese Girl looks good only when she wears the folk costume. My friend, you're mistaken.

8- Calm and Sober Behaviour

You will be amazed to know to experience that. ‘Misikiya Hahi’ which means the slight-sweetest smile on an Assamese girl's face will melt your heart. The way she looks at you together with her peacock-strained eyes, you'll finally say, leave everything, I'm getting to get this girl 

Assamese Hot girl photo | New Assamese girls image

9- Her Thinking and Understanding level.

A true Assamese Girl will never betray you. She will understand all your situations. It is in her blood. Believe me!

10- Just commitment needed.

Once you show your deepest love to her, she will choose you. More Assamese girls believe in true love more than anything. It is hard to impress a real Assamese Girl with just a cheap mind. And if you probably show your respect to her, it means, she saw the spark in you, my friend.

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