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Top 10 Best Place To Visit In Guwahati With Girlfriend | Best Place In Guwahati For Couple

What are the best places to visit in Guwahati with girlfriend ?At Which Place Should I Take My Boyfriend/Girlfriend in Guwahati?What are the best places to visit in Guwahati with girlfriend ?Top 10 Best Place To Visit In Guwahati With Girlfriend | Best Place In Guwahati For Couple.

Do You want to know the Best places to visit in Guwahati with girlfriend | Place For Couple In Guwahati | Best Dating Place in Guwahati | Romantic Place In Guwahati for Couple

Well. If you are searching for the best place in Guwahati for couple then you are in the right place. Guwahati is known as the most beautiful and fun place of ASSAM. So when it’s time for visiting places with the girlfriend, one can choose from an excessive amount of destinations to visit and have a great time. We are going to discuss the Top 10 Best Place To Visit In Guwahati With Girlfriend | Best Place In Guwahati For Couple.

Top 10 Best Place To Visit In Guwahati With Girlfriend | Best Place In Guwahati For Couple 

Dighalipukhuri: - Best Dating Place In Guwahati

Dighalipukhiri is situated at a distance of 1 k.m from GUWAHATI RAILWAY JUNCTION and also near to ASSAM STATE MUSEUM. It is a man-made lake situated at the middle of Guwahati city, Assam. Dighalipukhuri Lake is becoming apparent as a popular tourist destination as it is offering recreational activities like boat rowing tournament and boat rides at a very cheap price. Adjacent to the lake is a park where u can experience some fun. Tourists can have a wonderful time here away from the jostle of city life and they can also enjoy the scenic beauty of Dighalipukhuri.

​The Regional Science Centre

It is situated at 11 km away from Guwahati Railway Station. It is situated at Jawahar Nagar in the city of Guwahati. It is popularly known as the Science Museum, it is one of the best and top museums in Assam and among the best Guwahati Tourist Places, you can visit.


​At a distance of 11 km from Guwahati Railway junction, Srimanta Sankardeva Kalakshetra is a non-profit cultural institution situated in the Panjabari area Guwahati, Assam. It is the largest cultural congregation of the Assam and is also one of the most popular and best places to visit in Guwahati. The Kalakshetra is divided into separate complexes which include a cultural museum, a library and a children's recreational park.
Timing : 10 a.m to 7 p.m
Entry fee: 30 rs. For adult


​At a distance of 1 km from Fancy Bazar, Alfresco Grand is a cruise ride in the mighty Brahmaputra River at Guwahati, Assam. It is one of the main attractions of tourists and among the popular things to do in Guwahati city. 

Timings & cost for lunch cruise : 12.30 p.m to 2.30 p.m (1200 rs. For adults & 800 rs. For children) Timings & cost for sunset cruise: 4 p.m to 5 p.m (350 for adults & 250 for children) 
Timings & cost for dinner cruise: 8 p.m (800 rs. Per person)


​At a distance of 19 km from Basistha Chariali, Deepor Beel is a freshwater lake situated to the south of Guwahati city. It is also observed as one of the largest lakes in the of Assam and among the scenic and charming places to visit in Guwahati. There is also a watchtower inside the dipor bil which is constructed by the forest department. Also, boats are available to watch the beautiful birds. September to March is the best season to visit this attractive place.


At a distance of 4 km from CHANDMARI, Assam State Zoo cum Botanical Garden is a  park located in Guwahati, Assam. Popularly called as Zoo, it is the largest zoo in the North East and among the most popular Tourist Places of Guwahati. There is also a park in the zoo with lots of leisure tools. There is also a museum,  lake and a tower house. A reptile house having different breeds of snakes in an individual compound can also see in the zoo. There are also eating outlets and fast food corners in the zoo site.


At a distance of 300 metres from Dighalipukuri, Nehru park is the public park in the heart of Guwahati city, named after Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, it is located in the centre of Guwahati city, opposite to the premier education centre,  Cotton College. It is one of the greenest or grassy and most beautiful places in the city. The park is the major visitors and tourist attraction because of its green cover and musical fountain. It is decorated by an open-air theatre, it has beautiful flower beds and beautifully placed statues. It is also a favourite spot for children and couples, with lots of open space for roaming around with Full of trees and greenery. Ur girlfriend will be surprised with flowers and with the scenery.


​Shraddhanjali Kanan is a new park but very popular park among the people of Guwahati and northeast. It is located in RGB Road, opposite to the Assam State zoo cum botanical garden.  The park has well-maintained park ideal for yoga, meditation purposes and for relaxation. It has a separate area for kids and couples. Besides that, it has charming flower beds and water fountains which make the place even more beautiful and charming. The attractions mainly included laser light and musical fountains, water fountain, four rides and four slides meant for inside the park.


It is situated ​4 km away from Guwahati Railway junction, Umananda Temple is famous Hindu temple located on Peacock Island, middle of the mighty Brahmaputra River in Guwahati. It is one of the most popular temples in Assam and among the top places to visit in Guwahati.The Peacock Island is the smallest populate riverine in the world and possibly one of the most beautiful too. The only way to reach this temple is to travel by ferries and motor launches available at the Umananda Ghat. There is also a small climb of nearly 100 steps to reach the temple.


​At a distance of 500 meters from Guwahati Railway junction, Assam State Museum is a museum located at the southern end of Dighalipukhuri park. The museum attributes several sections such as Epigraphy, Sculptures, Miscellaneous, Natural History, Crafts, Anthropology & Folk Art & Arms section.

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