How to Start Poultry Farm In Assam {Guide And Potentialities}

How to Start Poultry Farm In Assam {Guide And Potentialities}

Hey folks, are you looking for a poultry farming Business in Assam? You are in the right place. We have written a lot of new business ideas that work in Assam. So in this post, we will learn How to Start Poultry Farm In Assam that makes a profit.

From setting up your farm to making a profit from the poultry business every step you should follow carefully. If you follow this guide then it will definitely succeed.

Guide & Rule to Start Poultry Farm In Assam

To start a poultry farm in Assam let's read the guide and rules discussed bellow

1. Choose your poultry sector

Before starting you need to choose your poultry sector for farming. There are two types. One is Broilers and the other is Layers. Broilers are chicken which is for meat whereas layers are chicken for the egg.

If you wish to start a business in multiple forms such as

  • Meat Production 
  • Egg Production 
  • Poultry Feed Production 
  • Chicken Breeding (Hatchery) 
  • Egg and Meat Processing

2. Choose the Type of Bird

You can start a simple chicken farm by choosing two to three birds at first, and as your business expands, you can add more birds.

Most commonly, poultry farms breed domesticated birds like chicken or duck as broilers and layers like duck, goose, quail, peacock, pigeon, and turkey.

3. Make your Farm Logo

For your business, design a distinctive logo for a poultry farm. Your logo should be present on all of your farm products while you are marketing. Put your logo on business cards, websites, and other things.

4. Know your Market

Identify your neighborhood's buyers. Will you make direct sales to customers from your farm? How will your customers be able to locate you? Will you market to restaurants?

5. Write a Business Plan

After identifying your market, set clear and measurable dreams, such as: What number of broilers do you want to multiply in your first cycle? How long is the market? What equipment do you need: fencing, housing, drinkers, and feeders? 

Then decide on your capital. How much capital do you have? What will be the cost of developing the cooperative and the chicks? Cost of feed needed. Also, consider medications or feed supplements. 

6. Set Farm Location

Establish your poultry farm at some distance from the metropolis so that you have land and economic efforts. The location must have all the important centers. Do not place the breeding farm too far from the nearest city. Choose a metropolis with your buying goals in mind.  

7. Growing Chicks

Buy day-old chicks and grow them for up to six weeks, then sell them live or slaughter them. Consider various factors such as feed, cures, and necessary facilities. 

8. Marketing your Product

Advertise your product cleanly and make more profit. You can easily sell your goods in the nearest market. Use websites, tourist postcards, advertisements, and brochures to promote your products. 

Profitable Advice for Poultry Farmers

Go to a few farms first and start breeding on a small scale. When you have gained enough experience in keeping chickens, move on to large-scale industrial production. Always promote chicken manure in the summer season. 

The yields of chicken breeding are very promising. Backyard birds are changed every year to maintain high productivity.  

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