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11+ Traditional Dishes Of Assamese Food To Try In 2024

Hey folks, Are you looking for Mouthwatering dishes of Assam, ok you are in the right place. Today I am going to share 11+ Traditional Dishes Of Assamese Food To Try In 2024. 

Mouthwatering dishes of Assam

Top dishes every foodie must eat in Assam

1- koldil bhaji (banana flower)

One of the most delicious dish of Assam is known as koldil bhaji (banana flower) which is full of fiber as well as awesome taste and aroma.

This dish is full of benefits for several diseases that's why it is known as a superfood. Basically, the banana flower of athiakol and bhimkol is used to eat as curry or cooked with fish or meat.I sware once you eat this lavish food you will fall in love with it 

2- kharoli (mustard chutney)

Oh, I am so lucky to be an Assamese there are plenty of lovely dishes to gallop and this is just one of them kharoli (mustard chutney) and this too contains medicinal qualities as it has a strong magical aroma of mustard helps recovery from runny nose and sneezing. It is prepared from black mustard seeds. In Assam,   it is taken as a side dish with rice.

3- kosu tenga (colocasia )

Another lavish dish known as kosu tenga in english colocasia cooked with tomato and green chilies is a famous local dish ,it also goes with fish and the most important thing it is rich in vitamin c, vitamin b6, vitamin e and much more. Really food of Assam are full of taste and enrich in medicinal qualities.

4-Bhat Pitha (rice flapjack)

Its made from rice and eaten with curd or milk with gur basically in the month of august (bhado mah). The combination of curd,gur, and the bhat pitha is heavenly amazing. Assam is a heaven where you will find these lovely dishes .

5- masor pura pitika ( roasted fish in banana leave)

You wont believe this is very old recipe and we are well known that old is gold .This dish is prepared with samll fishes along with chillies wrapped in banana leave and served with rice .

6-Sunga Pitha

This pitha is made with the helo of bamboo tubes by filling rice paste in it .It is also delicious dish and served with tea.

7-Keteli Pitha (steamed rice cake )

It is prepared with grated coconut, jaggery,rice and after cooked the arom will make you starve to gulp it .

8-Narikolor Laru

This is most special dish prepared in bihu .Grated coconut with sugar mixed nd cooked together and then laru is made and served with tea .

9- Pithaguri 

Prepared from rice flour . The flour is roasted or cooked until it leaves a lovely aroma. It is served with milk and jaggery.

10-Bengena Pitika (brinjal chutney)

Prepared roasting brinjal in fire and then smashing it nd mixed with raw mustard oil, onion, salt and served with rice.

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