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Teach Online And Earn Money In India - (Guide With 6 Site)

Live online tutoring has many benefits for oneself to make money by teaching
How to earn money online by teaching

Teach Online And Earn Money In India - (Guide With 6 Site)

Many people are searching for online jobs. Teaching online is a work-from-home opportunity. By online tutoring you can make the best use of your time; online teaching helps you to curve yourself too because many new things can be learned in this process, which widens your knowledge. The impact of technology has allowed establishing a virtual classroom to reach out to more and more people. 

To become an online tutor it is not always necessary that you should be a teacher by profession or a lecturer, anyone with thorough knowledge of the subject or the topic can teach students online. The tutoring sites allow virtual face-to-face communication for easy interaction between both parties.

Students are seeking online help as they cannot attend their respective institutions for the past few months. But some online tutors can serve the needs of these students. The demand for online learning is increasing in the present day and so there are many vacancies to teach online and earn money. 

Live online tutoring has many benefits for oneself -

  • You can work from the convenience of your home: As this is an online process you can work from the comfort of your home. 
  • You can earn according to the hours taught: Most online teaching sites pay on an hourly basis. The amount will be credited to your bank account on a weekly or monthly basis.
  • The flexibility of working hours: Most of the online sites ask for your preferred time slots. Whenever you are free to teach you can choose your time slot. 
  • To be an online tutor you don’t need any high-quality types of equipment: Just proper knowledge about the subject you are teaching and a computer or a Laptop. This is a unique opportunity and is highly beneficial to both fresh and experienced teachers. 

List of Online tutoring sites to Teach online and earn money in India in 2021: is an online tutoring company that connects online students to tutors. Students log in to to learn about various topics like- algebra, quadratic equations. Tutors can register themselves and start teaching students. They will supply their software to conduct virtual training sessions for the students. 

2.Tutor Vista:

This is the oldest tutoring service provider which was started in 2005. To become an online tutor there, you just need to register yourself and fill up the application form and go through a live interview. 

3. OkTutor.Net:

This site provides free online job opportunities to many tutors. Teachers can teach here at their own comfortable time. The payment here is done on monthly basis through PayPal and other money transfer methods. To get registered you need to fill up an application form followed by an online exam. After the test is completed, your profile is ready to be listed as an online tutor. 

4. Vedantu:

At Vedantu, the subjects that can be taught are English, Mathematics, Hindi. Physics etc. Vedantu has good customer satisfaction. You get paid on an hourly basis according to the price you decide. The process to register as a teacher is- fill up the application form, give a demo about your subject, and then they will connect you with students. 

5. Meritnation:

This application is similar to Vedantu. Here you can teach students from 1 st to 12th standards. You can decide your price of teaching. Meritnation also provides you to teach for competitive exams. In Meritnation, the registration process is a little different as compared with the other websites. 

Here you don’t have any form to fillip as a teacher. You need to call and book an interview on a video call. After this, they will give you a small training on how to teach and use their service. And you are ready to start as an online tutor. 

6. Udemy:

On Udemy you can teach any kind of skills like- music, art, sports, dancing, etc. you do not need to teach one by one, rather you can create a video course once and sell it on their website. And you can decide the price of your course. 


This is a highly beneficial opportunity for both fresh and experienced teachers. Teachers now connect with students over the laptop and mobile phones. But people applying for online teaching jobs should be aware of fraud.

Online tutoring helps you to earn money as well as get exposure to knowledge from all over the world. The days are gone when students are needed to sit in the classroom to learn. Technology has now changed everything including teaching methods too. 

The requirements of an online tutor:

  • One should at least know any one operating system. 
  • One should know how to install the desired software. 
  • Should have proper knowledge of the field you will be teaching about. 
  • One should be aware of how to use the internet. 
  • To teach the students effectively you should know the use of PowerPoint presentations and video tutorials. 

Because of the new normal everyone prefers to stay at home and earn sitting at home. As an online tutor, you get to meet people from different backgrounds. Moreover, online teaching is beneficial because you can use it according to your convenience.

There are a large number of platforms based on the concept of online teaching. If you join with them, these organizations can pay you for your work. But before joining these organizations you should read their terms and conditions. 

Lastly, it should be mentioned that the idea of teaching online and earn money is cost-effective because one need not put up banners for this. 

Online learning/tutoring is not just about teaching/learning over the internet but it is also all about opening up one’s psyche and competing with the outside world. Without any doubt, it proves to be a lifelong learning experience. It provides the opportunity to earn money as well as get exposure to knowledge from all over the world; along with the security of your work provides flexibility in working hours.

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