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How to start a bulk SMS business in India In 2022 (Easy Guide)

In this post you will learn to make profitable bulk sms business in india.
5 Tips To Follow Before You Start  A Bulk SMS Business In India

How to start a bulk SMS business in India In 2022 (Easy Guide)

If you are looking for a new business idea then today's blog is for you. Because in today's blog I am going to share an amazing business idea that is bulk SMS Business.

What is Bulk SMS Business

If Bulk SMS Service is explained in simple language, then Bulk SMS Service is such a service that the products of any company have to reach more and more people by SMS.

For example, suppose there is a company whose name is let's say XYZ Pvt. Ltd. So now suppose that this company wants to reach one of its products to different people in different cities of India, then in such a situation, they cannot tell themselves one by one because our country India is very big. In such a situation, a BULK SMS company and says that I want my product to reach different people of India by SMS.

In such a situation, suppose you are that bulk SMS company, then you will take the complete details of their products and then write a good SMS so that the products of that company can be sold as much as possible and they can benefit.

After writing the SMS, you will send that SMS to the phones of different people of India in bulk at once.

This is how Bulk SMS Business works similarly.

5 Tips To Follow Before You Start  A Bulk SMS Business In India

1. Keep in mind before starting Bulk SMS Business

If the volume of SMS is good, then you can get good earning.

When you follow a strategy, the scaling of Bulk SMS Business is high as compared to other businesses with a meaningful business idea.

Try to bring in ten large customers instead of hundreds of smaller ones, as effectively managing a few accounts can help you make more profit.

Keep in mind that the margin will be small and you should not expect to earn high numbers right after starting your business, you have to be patient as this process can take time.

The business model is very good, and people are earning good profits too. But before starting your bulk SMS business, you need to know that how to get started properly. Your goal should be to achieve a better position in the Bulk SMS Service business.

2. Types of Bulk SMS Service

Friends, if you want to start Bulk SMS Business, then you need to know what kind of services are there in Bulk SMS.

The Services are as follows: 

  • Voice SMS.
  • Business Emails.
  • API Integration.
  • Miss Call Alert.
  • Long Code Services.
  • Short Code Services.

3. How do you start your Bulk SMS Business In India?

So friends, let us now know what steps should be followed to start a bulk SMS business.

Step 1. Tie-Up With A Bulk SMS Reseller Company.

If you want to start a Bulk SMS Business, then you need to collab with a Bulk SMS Reseller Company.

To Tie-Up with a Bulk SMS Reseller Company, you must first find a good Bulk SMS Reseller Company and then call them and put your offer in front of them that you want to tie up with them.

Now that company can put an offer in front of you, how can they say that to work with us, first you have to buy our 1 lakh SMS, etc.

If you want, you can also buy SMS from cheap companies, but know one thing that the more you go to the cheaper company, the more the delivery rate will go down.

Step 2. You will be provided Bulk SMS Software.

After tie-up with Bulk SMS Reseller Company, that company will provide you with a Bulk SMS Software, in which the company gives you SMS Pack Recharge.

Now you can send SMS to anyone using that software and promote any product through SMS.

But, let me tell you that if you do any promotional SMS through Bulk SMS Software, then those SMS will go to non-DND number only, that is, mobiles whose DND (Do Not Disturb) Mode will be ON will not send your SMS on them.

But if you send any Transactional SMS, it goes to both DND and Non-DND Mobiles.

Step 3. Add Multiple Clients With Software

After getting the software, you can add many multiple clients to that software and then according to the requirements, you can send SMS to different Clients or Client Groups in Bulk.

If you want, you can also send all the SMS to a single client or you can also distribute the SMS among 10 different clients.

So, these were some basic steps by following which you can start a bulk SMS business and you can get more SMS recharge done as your business grows.

4. How to Grow Bulk SMS Business Quickly?

I hope and believe that by following the above-mentioned steps, you must have started your Bulk SMS business, so now the biggest problem is new that how to grow this business as soon as possible?

When you start any business, initially no one knows that you have started a business, so when no one will know that you run a business, then no one will come to you for service and if If no one will come, then even business will not be able to grow.

So that is why first of all you must spread your business to the people, but how? So I'll tell you.

First of all, you have to design a single page or a well attractive website of 4-5 pages, if you do not know web designing, then you can hire a web developer from any one point, according to you. They will create a good website for you.

All the services you get on the website have to be well mentioned which you provide and when the website is completely ready, you now have to make your site live.

After the website is live, you will have to promote your site through Paid Advertising, you can use Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, etc. for advertising.

By doing this, people will start coming to your site within a few days and will apply for your services and in this way, you will be able to grow your business as soon as possible.

5. What types of companies can Bulk SMS Services be given?

In today's time, every company which is a Product Base Company needs Bulk SMS Services to promote their products.

Let me tell you the names of some such businesses where there is a lot of demand for Bulk SMS Services:

  • Bulk SMS Company
  • Ecommerce Business
  • Garments
  • Textile and many more.

Apart from this, many other businesses use this service to promote their products.


This bulk SMS Business is a growing business in India. And if you start it now then there is a very high chance that you will make a good profit. I wish you very good luck.

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