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How to start a hotel business in India in 9 easy steps In 2024 Guide

How to start a hotel business in India in 9 easy steps In 2021 Guide

How to start a hotel business in India in 9 easy steps In 2024 Guide

Are you looking for a new business guide in 2022 that "How to Start a Hotel Business  In India"? Here in this article, I have written a useful guide which helps you to start your own hotel business.

The hotel business in India is a proven profitable business. You can earn a good earning by opening a hotel. So today this article helps you to start it.

What is the hotel business in India?

In the hotel business, you make a place where purple can stay, take food, and other services. To start a hotel business you need at least 6 rooms. 

Although a hotel is classified by giving start ranking from 1 to 5. Some significant criteria are there on which a hotel classified, like what kind of facility they offer to its visitors? How the quality of services? How they treat their customers etc.

9 Best Steps to open a hotel business And Earn Profit

1. How to start a hotel business in India?

Before Street a hotel business you need to conduct market research about the hotel industry in India. It helps you to start your business properly and you can customize your services depending on their market need.

You need to select the hotel category depending on your area. It should be up to 10 kilometers. You have to observe the common lifestyle patterns of the clients. Then you need to provide the services that they like. You also need to observe the rates offered by your competitors and what they offer. Along with that, you need good funding to start it work l with full facility.

2. Types and location of hotel business in India

Opening your hotel in a good location is one of the most important things that you can't skip. You have to think about it very carefully. Because it determines your growth. You need to choose a location that people love to stay and they feel comfortable with your location. It may behave various reasons like easy transportation, easy to excess all services, availability of resources, and for many reasons. If it possible then you need to open your hotel in business centers like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Guwahati, etc. If you can't open in this such places then you can consider the famous places of any state.

3. Logistics and transport system for your hotel business

Great logistics and transport system is very essential for your hotel business. Or is very necessary that your hotel is close to any travel center. It may be like railway station, bus station, sir terminals, shopping center, and other easily accessible places. If you want to open your hotel outside of your city then you have to make sure that the visitor is comfortable visiting your place. The transport and logistics system is good for your hotel 

4. Areas required for hotel business in India

Before you are good to go opening the hotel you need to decide and select how much area needed. It will be for guest rooms, bars, offices, lobby, kitchen, parking and for other purposes. If you what to start with 5 to 100 rooms them you need a minimum of 1,00,000 squire feet. Then only customers feel comfortable staying at your hotel. Because customer satisfaction is the key to your successful hotel business. 

5. A layout for your hotel business

How your hotel looks are very important from a customer point of view. If it looks good then only people come to your hotel again and again and they talk about your hotel to others. It helps you in free marketing. But this is only possible when you present your hotel in a good way to the customer. And a good design of your rooms, lobby, the interior can make it possible for you. So you need to make it to such a level that it can impress your visitors. You have to hire the best designers in this field. You need to tell them to make it on such a level that it identify your hotel and make it more lovable compare to other hotels.

6. funding for your hotel business in India

The hotel business is a high investment business. You need good funding support to run it for at least two years. At the starting time, you can start on your own but if it is not sufficient then you can take money from Bank. Bank offers a good amount of money for all hotel business. You can start 30% of your own money and another 70% you can take from banks. But before doing it think very carefully because you have to pay them with interest.

7. Hire staff for your hotel business in India

Depending on the hotel business or size and requirements you have to hire employees. It may include front office staff, housekeepers, managers, chefs, writers, and other works. You have to hire people with good experience. You can do it by taking help from human resources and other commercial hires.

8. Licensing and registration required for your hotel business in India

A. Permission to construct the building

According to the National Building Code, you need to take permission for constructing your hotel building. If you start without it you will be face problems soon. So you have to submit the design, formats, water supply, electricity connection, etc. Then there is a chance that your project will be approved means now you can build your hotel buildings.

B. Fire Safety Permit

A fire license from the fire department is very important for you. If your building has proper machinery and other things to rescue your hotel from fire then you easily get the fire safety license. It is very important from the customer safety point of view. 

C. Business and name registration

Like others, you have to register your hotel business. You need to register your hotel name and make a trademark on it. You have to open your hotel business under private ltd or public ltd company type.

D . PF registration

Registration of an Employee Provident Fund (PF) is a very important part of your whole registration process.  It is required if more than 20 people work in your hotel.

E. Bar license

If your hotel operates a bar or serves wines to your customers then you need a bar license. It is issued by the government of India. Sometimes it will be tough depending on your start.

F. FSSAI   License

Your hotel serves food and for this, you need an FSSAI license. It will be usually included in the year term and after it, you need to renew it again. You can get it online by visiting

G. GST registration

Nowadays GST is very important for any business. You can get it by visiting

9. Marketing for your business.

Marketing is a very essential part of your hotel business and its popularity. You can use banners, posters, and templates. Nowadays you can use the internet and other social media to promote your business.


I hope you like this guide on how to start a hotel business in India. This is a very profitable business. There is a very high chance that your hotel business will grow if you follow all the necessary steps the l that I mention above. Still, if you are confused, you can comment below. I will try to solve your problem as soon as possible. 

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