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10 Ways How to Make Money in India for Students In 2023

this post is about How to Make Money in India for Students my 10 guide which give me success to make money online during my days
Worthy Ways to Earn Money As A Student in India

10 Ways How to Make Money in India for Students In 2023

Being a student, one really wants to earn some extra number of money. But, it is to keep in mind that as a student you can’t make any huge amount of investment. Moreover, a student has to perform their regular duty and must give time to studies.

In this article, a few methods will be discussed on ‘how to make money by students in India’. The idea of ‘part-time work’ or ‘work from home’ in India is still rising.

Working as a student holds many benefits in itself:

  • Learns the value of hard-earned money.
  • Learns time management.
  • Becomes financially independent.
  • Helps to build confidence and experience.

There was a time when only completing the degree was just enough. But at present time companies prefer employees with more experience. Also it Improves the communication skills as expected by the employer from the employee. It is seen that students who work while studying learns to adapt easily to new situations.

The horizon of making money is very huge but unfortunately, many people don’t know them. Earning some amount of money during students’ life is really a cherry on the top. So, here is a list of a few ideas on how students in India can earn money easily.

10 Worthy Ways to Earn Money As A Student in India 2023

1. Complete projects for others:

Here, all you need to do is write assignments for others and earn some amount of extra money. This is the easiest way to earn money as a student.

2. Become an Influencer:

You can become a YouTube or Instagram Influencer. You just need to choose your area of interest and create a channel or a page with creative content. Just check your progress on the field and wait for it to monetize.

3. Freelancing:

You can work as a freelancer on different websites like- ‘Upwork’, ‘Fiverr’, ‘Freelancer’, etc. All you need is a good hold of the English language and good typing speed. There you can do various works like- content writing, graphic designing, transcription writing, copywriting, and data entry. You will get paid after the completion of your work and as per the amount of work you do.

4.Work as a Delivery Partner/part-time driver:

 At the present time, everyone is aware of these names- Ola, Uber, Rapido, Swiggy, Zomato, etc. Nowadays, companies are hiring many people for this job. Many students are already into this; they are working as part-time employees and earning a good amount of money. You can go to their website and register yourself with valid ID proof.

5. Design T-shirt:

There are sites like- ‘My Dream Store’, ‘Souled store’ that pays for designing t-shirts for them. If you have a creative mind and like designing things, then this workshop is perfect for you, to do part-time work. You must have seen t-shirts with beautiful design and funny quotes, there’s always a person behind this idea who design t-shirts for you.

You too can design t-shirts and upload your designs to the given websites. The whole process of delivering and printing is taken by the company. You need to add your own profit and sell your designs.

6. Become a tutor:

 As a student teaching is the most common way and easy to earn money. You can take part-time tuition in your preferred subjects. Moreover, you can take online tuition classes too. Apart from studies, you can also take dancing and singing classes.

7. Editing:

If you are a good editor, start editing videos or short films. In India, there are many videos and short films released out every month/year. This industry needs a good editor for its videos. Apart from short films, you can edit YouTube videos too. Promote your work extensively and get started with your work and earn money.

8. Work in a Grocery Store:

In a grocery store or supermarket, you can do the billing job as your part-time work. This job is very easy to do as a student. To find work you just need to contact the manager of that store.

9.Sell your Photos online:

If you have the skill to click good pictures, you can grab this opportunity to earn money. There are various websites that pay you for your pictures online. You can click the photos and deliver your work in an online mode. All you need to is clicking quality pictures. Also, you can contact people for collaborations or events.

10.  Become a translator:

There are companies who pay a good amount of money for this work. They are always searching for people who can translate documents and make their work easy. It is an advantage for you, if you know two to three different languages. Your work is to translate different documents, letters, emails, etc. but be aware of frauds and scams; do not register on any site where you need to pay for registration.


The above list includes details of a few ways through which you earn money as a student in India; while utilizing your free time. As a student, if you earn a decent amount of money, you can take care of your own expenses. Also, it is a great advantage, as you can learn new things and experience new lessons. In free time, just sitting idle and wasting your capabilities is not advisable. Instead, you can utilize your free time to earn money sitting in your room. Always be productive and happy in your life.

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    1. hi john thank you for the comment. If you follow this method you can easily make money online through internet