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Top 15 Network Marketing Companies in India in 2023 (Full List )

In this post is about top 15 MLM company list in india. If you want to read more about them than go through the post.
network marketing companies in India In 2021

Top 15 Network Marketing Companies in India in 2023 (Full List )

Multi-level marketing, in short MLM, is also known as network marketing, direct selling, and pyramid selling. It is based on selling the products directly to the customers. 

It is first introduced in1920 in the USA. Now it becomes very famous everywhere. 

There are lots of companies born around this business model. Some people believe that it a very good business model and some believe that it is just a scam.

How does an MLM company work?

Look, MLM is just a new process of selling products directly to the customers. A company makes some products and sells them to some customers and if the customers sell these items to others, then they get paid some portion of the sell revenue. Again, if another customer loves the products and sells them to others, then also they can make money from them. This cycle continues endlessly. The up line customers also get a commission when the down-line make a seal. It gives a recurring income to the up-line customers. How many people join on there down that much money they can make. By using this process, some people make lots of money. But on another side, lots of people lose lots of money by just simply join by giving money and sell nothing. For this reason, some people believe it is a scam.

Well, it is a normal case of any situation. But I believe that if you work hard and make joining many people under you, then no one can stop you from earning in lakh through MLM because it is an amazing business. Now when you decide to this business, then there are lots of MLM company are there, some are good means they have good products and give good commission but in another case, 

some are not so good means who don’t have good products as well as don’t give good commission. Then what you do? Don’t worry, because I am going to tell you about the top 15 MLM companies in India that you need to join. I make the list of these companies by comparing their last few years’ performances, market size, product quantity and quality, and commission they give.

So doing no further delay lets the countdown begin :

List of 15 Best Network Marketing Companies in India in 2023

1. Amway India.

amway Network Marketing Companies in India

Amway which full form is the American way. It is an American company. Amway India is a subdivision of it. Amway is a global leader in the MLM industry with a revenue of $8 billion. It was founded in 1959. Amway has thousands of its products in health, beauty, household, and other goods. In India, Amway has its manufacturing plants in many locations. It is most trusted among all other companies. Amway India’s head office is based in Gurugram, Haryana.

2. Oriflame.

It is a Chennai, Tamil Nadu based MLM company who working since 1994. It offers products like beauty, health care, personal care, and so on. But it is mainly known for beauty products. Indian young youths love its products. Especially girls and women are largely associated with it. So if you are a woman or young girl then you can check its products once.

3. MI Lifestyle Marketing

It is a very popular MLM company in India. It was started in 2013 in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Till now the company grows quick. It gives 20 to 25% commission to its members. It offers different products like home, kitchen, beauty, health care, clothing, electronics, food, and other goods. Now it has a large customer base and soon it will become India’s number one MLM company.

4. Vestige

Vestige, I think most people know it. It is very famous because of its marketing strategies. It was founded in 2004 and its head office is in New Delhi. It mainly focuses on world-class beauty and health care products. It gives excellent incentives to its members like international trips, car and house funds. Its offices are spread all across the country.

5. Herbalife

It is also a US-based company like Amway which is operating its business in India successfully. Its product quality is very good and also available in any general stores. If you become a member of Herbalife, then you get 25% discounts on every product.

6. Forever Living

Forever Living also another US-based company. Its products are based on Aloe Vera. Its MLM plan is very simple. You can easily become a member by just buying a product. It gives discounts of 43% of its members.

7. Modicare.

Sameer Modi found it in 1996. It sells health and wellness products, which are very effective and value for money. It offers a unique business plan which is known as the Azadi plan. It gives 20 to 25% discount to its members. So if you want any wellness products then you can consider them.

8. RCM

RCM is one of the oldest company in India. You will notice lots of RCM retail stores in your nearest town. It offers mostly every product that you need in your daily life. And its product quality is also very good, and all are valued for money.

9. Avon

Avon is the world’s largest direct seller of beauty products. It operates in over 80 countries for the past 20 years. Avon’s skincare products are very effective but one this is that the price is a little more. It gives commission starting from 25% to 50%, which is very high than any other company.

10. Future Maker.

It is a Haryana based MLM company that sells products health care, personal care, and home care. It was founded in 2015 and till now it’s growing rapidly. You can become a member by just buying a product and there are no registration fees. It gives commission up to 30%, which is very good.

11. Tupperware

It has a 70year+ business experience in the MLM industry. It operates globally. It doing business in India for the last two decades. Its focus on woman empowerment and always stand with a woman. Its products are woman-oriented and woman loves its products.

12. Hindustan Unilever.

It is an India-based MLM company that is very famous worldwide because of its good quality products. Its head office is based in Mumbai. It offers a different range of products like food, water purification, cleaners, beauty care, home care, daily essentials, and all personal care. The system that it follows is very profitable for an individual customer or member.

13. Nu Skin

Nowadays, men and women both are used skincare products. And Nu Skin takes this advantage very carefully. It was established in 1984. It operates globally and mostly sells skin and beauty care products. Some of its products are very expensive that can’t be affordable for normal people. But it gives very good profit to every individual and members.

14. Tiens

Tiens is one of my favorite MLM company. I use its products. It mainly focuses on health care products. It has a very strong customer base in India. It was founded in 1995 and its head office is based in Chennai. Its Fat-burning product is very famous in the market.

15. Global Travel

Now let’s talk about the last MLM company on our list. It differs from all the other companies that I mention above. Because it is travel related MLM company. Its head office is in Rajasthan. Its products are a large fleet of luxury cars and coaches. Along with it offers tour package, car rental, train and airline ticketing services, and hotel booking services. Its products are very exciting and attractive. I think you should try it once.

So, these are the top 15 best MLM companies in India. If you are interested or thinking to join an MLM company, then you can select a company from the above list based on your interest. And please make sure you read all the terms and conditions of any company that you are going to join. I wish you wonderful luck.

Thank you.

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