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Best Online Typing Jobs Without Investment Daily Payment – (Earn Money By Typing)

Are you looking for a way to make money typing online without having to spend any money? Do you want to make money typing pages without having to pay
Best Online Typing Jobs Without Investment Daily Payment – (Earn Money By Typing)

Best Online Typing Jobs Without Investment Daily Payment – (Earn Money By Typing)

Are you looking for a way to make money typing online without having to spend any money? Do you want to make money typing pages without having to register? Then you've arrived at the best place. Many online jobs pay regularly that you can do from home.

Keeping in view the present situation the virtual mode of communication has become a necessity for everyone. Nowadays people are looking for work from home-based jobs and online typing jobs are among such works which can be easily done from home and money can be earned through this.

We are all aware that Internet has opened a new world for many people around the globe. Online data typing is among such works through which money can be earned on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. It is a real typing work in MS word.

This online work is beginner-friendly and doesn’t need any investment and, best as a part-time
work for students or housewives. Anyone residing in India can start doing this job. You can
choose from a wide range of online jobs.

The following details will make you understand this type of work:

  • Type of vacancy: Typing, Data-Entry, Word Correction, Copy Writing.
  • Place: PAN India- Guwahati, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, etc.
  • Mode of word: Online (home-based).
  • Qualification: 10+2
  • Skills: Typing, MS Word, Internet.
  • Time: Full-Time/ Part-Time.
  • Earnings: As per work

This write up will make you understand the various aspects of online typing jobs that one should know before he/she starts to work:

What are online typing jobs without investment from house

This is a type of work which can be done from home. It is a kind of clerical work that involves documents for grammar, spelling and punctuation, content, text format typing, copywriting, novel re-writing. The given data needs to be input in documents, fields, or pages. This work is done by using computer or laptop with modern keyboards. Moreover, the Internet plays a key role in this work as the whole work is based in a digital format. This job doesn’t need any specific typing speed, but fast typing speed is preferred the most. It will be an advantage to you if you are a professional typist. Typing work can be done from any location as it is Internet-based.

Earnings through a Typing Job

The earning of online typing work completely depends upon the type of work. Also, it will completely depend on one’s capabilities or how much time one wishes to give. For example, novel re-writing pays more than data entry; article writing or content writings are paid per word or paragraph.

The earnings of online work vary because of various factors. Below are some roughly cited payments as per the work:

1. Simple text: 

  • avg. payment (rs.10/page)
  • Daily work (20 pages)
  • Total earnings (rs. 200)

2. Data Entry: 

  • avg. payment (rs.100-300/hour)
  • Daily work (3/4 hours)
  • Total Earnings (rs. 300/1200)

3.Content Writing: 

  • avg. payment (0.30/word)
  • Daily work (2000-3000 words)
  • Total earnings (rs. 600-900)

7 Best Online Typing Jobs Without Investment to Make Money Online –Types of Online typing jobs

There are various types of online typing and data entry jobs that can be done from home without any investment. In this point, we will discuss the types of typing vacancies. One of the best known is the-

1.Data Entry:

This is the most famous and oldest form of work. This work can be completed in a single day and daily payment can be received. Data entry jobs require data to be typed in electronic formats.. Online data entry jobs can really make some money as a college student or a housewife or even a retiree.

2.Form Entry work:

The online form filling job without investment is a wonderful way of money earning opportunity in India. It is more of a quality typing rather than quantity. Accuracy is the top priority in this type of job. There are daily millions of forms filling orders from different companies. One will be given the list of all forms & details which you have to input in
those forms.

3.Typing work as a Freelancer:

There are different types of freelancing sites such as ‘’, ‘’, etc. which provide hundreds of typing work that is posted by employers daily. One can freely work at their convenience.

4.Content writing:

If you are well versed in English and passionate about writing. Content writing is definitely going to work for you. This work is full of creativity but one must be good at online research work.

5.eBook typing:

In this, you need to type documents for publishing companies or book authors. A book typing means a handwritten copy from authors or editors needs to be re-typed into a digital format. The work is that, after receiving the hard copy, the data needs to be typed and than it should be formatted and at last a proof-reading and correction of the whole book makes the work complete.

6.Ad writing jobs:

This work is all about marketing content which requires creative writing skills. The companies give a brief about the marketing material and the writer will write content depending upon that outline and post the necessary marketing advertisement.

7.Typing pages in MS Word:

Fast stenography skill is a key point in this work because the more you type and complete projects, the more you can earn money. You will need to type the given articles or documents, which can be in any form such as chapter, book, essay. The material will be given through email in scanned copies or jpeg format to convert it into a text version.

Requirements to start online typing work.

To start online typing work you don’t need any expensive gadgets or much of your time from the daily routine. The basic thing everyone should know before starting this work is that he/she should have a piece of prior knowledge about Typing, the Internet, and MS word. One should keep in view that the following things are the essentials to start typing jobs-

  • -A simple computer/Laptop.
  • -A good Internet connection.
  • -2-3hrs (free time) from daily routine depending upon the work.
  • -Email
  • -An online payment option.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Typing Work

As everything has got its advantages and disadvantages and so the online typing work.


  • Can be done upon own convenience
  • No investment
  • Work from home
  • Part-Time
  • Free to join
  • No special skill or higher educational qualification
  • The more you type, the more you earn
  • No specific targets
  • Payment is daily or weekly based upon the work


  • Requirement of a Laptop or a computer. Work from a mobile phone is not suitable.
  • No fixed or regular salary
  • Projects are time-limited
  • Avoid fake online works

More information about Online Typing work without Investment

At present, there are a huge amount of online typing vacancies which need no investment. But one should also be aware of scams. However, there are a few sites that are genuine and real such as ‘Freelancer’, ‘Fiver’, ‘Upwork’, etc. there are a few steps that need to be followed for easy-going genuine work: You should find the right opportunity for yourself. And not get confused while choosing the work.

5 Best Websites To Find Online Typing Jobs- Register for free and join:

You need to register yourself in one or more platforms for better opportunities. The registration process is completely free. Here are some platform to join

  1. Fiverr
  2. WorkNHire
  3. Freelancer
  4. UpWork
  5. Truelancer

Complete work and get paid:

Your profile should be strong so that people hire you to do more work, as a result, the given work should be completed in time and submitted without any delay. 

Hence, Online Typing work is much relief in today’s world. Because this type of work can be done from home with 0 investments which reduce the fear of money scam, also there is no age limit for doing this work. This article aims to give you a clearer view about ‘what are Online Typing works’ and ‘how they work’. Hope this write-up has given you all a broad idea about the above-mentioned topic.

Written by Ina Deka

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