Top 30 Assamese Website List | Top Assamese Blog 2020

Best Assamese Blog List | Assamese Website List

Top 30 Assamese Website List | Top Assamese Blog 2020

Nowadays Technology has changed our life to be easier than before. Just think about that time when people used the bull carts to travel from one city to another. After the invention of most of the scientific equipment or the machine and growing the Technologies has taken part in our daily life. According to research, almost 4.1 billion people in this world are using the internet and more than 627 million people are from India. According to a report, almost 1 cr people are using the internet in Assam. But the number of  Assamese language website on the internet is very 

Today we share some most popular Assamese website lists. This Assamese blog list is collected from search engines such as google, bing, and from different sources. We have not added here the Assamese news website, Political website, or company site. Our main purpose to promote the Assamese literature and support the Assamese blogger and encourage them.

Assamese Language website List | Top Assamese Blog website List

1. Xahitya.org ( Assamese Most Popular Website)

xahitya org is the most popular Assamese language website. In this site, you can read the Assamese poem, short story, article etc. Maximum post in  Xahitya org is selected from a popular Assamese Facebook group অসমীয়াত কথাবতৰা (Axomiyat Kotha Botora). This website has created some new Assamese writers in this generation.

2. Xophura.net  (Assamese website for Poem lovers )

Another Assamese language website is xophura. this website has a huge collection of work of some Assamese old and new writers. Almost 3000 visitors visit this site every month.

3. Xukhdukh.com (Best Assamese blog For Assamese articles)

Xukh Dukh is another most popular Assamese website which is a good platform to raise your voice and sharing your idea about our society issue. They publish a good article, News, and many more.

4 enajori.com (Best Assamese Entertainment Website )

Enajori is a popular web magazine in Assam. The vision of this website is to create a single platform wherein the entire gamut of Assam, in its entire cultural and artistic splendor, is encapsulated; a humble attempt to put Assam’s rich culture and heritage on the world map so as to enlighten the people of the world about the state of Assam and her people.

5. blogasom.blogspot.com (Best Assamese Website for Assamese Books)

A student from the Department of Computer Science Gauhati University and a freelance programmer has created this blog for sharing content related to the Assamese language over the internet. In his blog, you can download some famous  Assamese Ebook of some most popular Assamese writers.

assamesejokes.com (Best Assamese Jokes website )

If you are an Assamese meme lover than this website always makes you smile. In the Assamese jokes website, thousands of Assamese funny stories Assamese koutuk, and meme are available. Almost 500 people visit this site every month.

7. Indranee.org ( Best Assamese Website for Assamese Novel lovers)

If you have an account on Facebook then you must have read the story of Arnab And Astha ( JEC). This website is the original website of Indranee Sharma who wrote this most popular Assamese book. The monthly visitor on this site is 500.

8. Khagori.com ( Best Assamese language website for Funny Post And images And Assamese Quotes)

Some Other Most popular Assamese website list 2020

If you think we have missed any Assamese website or Assamese blog to add this list please comment below. If you think this post is valuable for our Assamese people please share it with your friends.

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