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Home Tutor In Guwahati | How to Start Home Tutor Business In Assam 2024

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start Home tutor company in guwahati

Start Home Tutor Business In 2024 | Business Ideas In Guwahati

Throughout the day, do you have a lot of free time and always feel like you should make good use of this? Did your afternoons spend the umpteenth time watching Netflix series?

If that sounds like yes, here's something you can stop the boredom and save time while doing something you enjoy. Which is it? Home Tutor Job Business

" But I have no teaching experience"

Okay, it is not a major problem that you don't have any experience with teaching. All you need is topic awareness, a passion for teaching, and the ability to market your services.

During the period 2019-2023, the global online tutoring market is projected to expand at a CAGR of 12 percent, offering plenty of opportunities for those who want to embark on home education.

If it's primary school students whose parents are too busy with mentoring, or a high school student studying for an entrance exam-everyone is searching for a tutor.

So if you're a staying at home or you are a recent college graduate who's still figuring out the next move, it might be perfect for you to start a home tutoring business

We are going to tell you in this article how to start a home tutor business in Guwahati.

Identify Your Strength

When you need to be extremely sure of one thing, it is your strengths and field of expertise because that will decide the subject(s) you are teaching.

Start a Brainstorming Session

Which subjects you have taken at the graduate level? Which subject you love most? Did you pass any entrance exams at the college level? you are master in what topics? How well do you get to teach these subjects?

To teach this you need to have a good knowledge of the subject. While certifications aren't a must, certification is still a good idea as it adds credibility to your business.

Figure out a proposal

Now that you have decided which subject you would like to teach, let's get down to business. Each business should have a unique business plan which sets out the foundation.

These are the main considerations to take into consideration when designing your business plan:

What is your target audience?

You can opt to teach English but you must be precise about your target audience's demographics. For example, teaching English to a non-native speaker struggling with the language is very different from teaching it to someone who is studying for a standardized test.

So, be sure what sort of students you want to attract based on your experience and the comfort of teaching.

How do you market the tutoring services?

You have 2 options: go solo and build your own tutoring site, or sign up to offer your services with an existing company.

You'll need to develop your tutoring website from scratch if you want to operate independently. Sounds like too much work? Choose the second choice and register with tutoring sites such as Udemy, Skillshare, etc.

What is your model for the course?

Online students would definitely feel isolated and confused while taking online courses because of the process. As a mentor, therefore, you need to make sure that you plan engaging lessons that attract their attention.

So, plan your lesson template (videos, written material, video conferencing, etc.) to help you decide how much time you have, and what material you need.

Set your prices

Deciding on the costs is a critical step but not difficult. Start by researching the market, and understand how much your competition charges.

The fees are highly contingent on the level of education and subject you are teaching. The more complex the subject, the more money you can charge for your services. Your overhead and maintenance costs are other things to consider when running the company.

Online tutors are charged on average between Rs 700 to Rs 1000 per hour, according to class Standard.

Get the materials and tools needed

Needless to say, to be a good online tutor you need to be technically savvy. Here are some tools for starting your cbusiness you need to get your hands on:
  • Skype, Google Hangouts-Live messaging
  • Interactive Whiteboard-WizIQ, AwwApp
  • File sharing-Google Drive, Dropbox
  • Capturing images-Screencast-O-Matic, Camtasia
Make sure you are in a quiet space with a good internet connection before you start a session, and check your speakers, headphones, and webcam for a smooth tutorial.

Besides these tools, you should also collect materials for the course, textbooks, and notes that will help you plan your course.

Analyze the market your business

The demand for online tutoring is a field of competition. To get the word out and get the students to enroll in your course, you need to advertise your services rigorously.

Here are a few hints to market your tutoring business in Assam:
  • Build an interactive SEO website detailing your range of facilities, price information, credentials, and educational methods
  • Build and maintain a blog that will create your own brand and attract readers
  • Encourage website visitors to become subscribers so that they can interact through email marketing
  • Build a social networking account such as Facebook and LinkedIn to exchange updates and create social fans afterward
  • Post Facebook and Google advertising to increase visibility and attract traffic
  • Contact private and public schools to let them know about their tutoring programs
  • Tell your present and former students to leave a testimony on your website

Final Tips

From designing lesson plans to providing your students with positive input-you need to take part in part-time work. Unlike other homework jobs, being a home tutor makes you responsible for the education of someone else and you should be taking it very seriously.

Online tutoring is a friendly, versatile, and rewarding career-add productivity to the mix and it might just be the start of a thriving company where you can develop into a tutoring agency, recruit more teachers and diversify your bid.
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  1. For branding a tuition institute kindly create an account on Google My Business or register on Sulekha or JustDial App. This article inspired many Students to start own part time job. thank you.