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8 Easy Step To Write Assamese In Ubuntu | Linux Guide

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How to type assamese in linux | Assamese Keyboard for linux

8 Easy Step To Write Assamese In Ubuntu | Linux Guide

Hello guys, if you are looking for Assamese keyboard for Ubuntu operating system then you are in a right place. Today I am going to teach you how to write Assamese in Ubuntu.

Nowadays, in Assam, the young generation is interested to write Assamese language for their daily lifestyle. Like in their Whatsapp chat, Facebook, and other social media. Generally, most of them are using their mobile phone to write Assamese. Some of them are using various Assamese keyboard software for windows like Rodali keyboard or Avaro keyboard or leap office to write Assamese on their laptop. But if you are a Linux user like me then, you don't need to install that software. Ubuntu always takes care of your need. Just follow this simple step and after that, you are able to write Assamese in your Linux operating system.

How To Type Assamese In Ubuntu | Linux Guide For Assamese Typing

Step 1 Go to the settings and click on Region and language option

step 2 Now go to the manage installed language.

Step 3 Click on install or remove language.

Step 4 You can see Assamese language there . Install the Assamese language.

Step 5 Now restart your computer . And again go to settings and now go to the manage installed language. Click on the + icon which is bellow the input sources.

Step 7 Now you can see the Asssamese language. Click on it and select phonetic (m17n)

step 8 Open notepad or Libre office in the top most right corner you see the language change option (see the photo ) and click Assamese.

Step 9 change your font to “Lohit Assamese” 

now can write Assamese in your Linux operating system.

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