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Shopping In Assam : 11 Unique Things You Must Buy When You Are In Assam

Shopping In Assam : 11 Unique Things You Must Buy When You Are In Assam

Shopping In Assam : 11 Unique Things You Must Buy When You Are In Assam

The best way to reminisce our traveling time and its experiences is by collecting its soil’s fabrication with us. India is a land full of its assets, natural resources,, and beauty. An artist constantly tries to embody his own land through creations that give pleasure to everyone as well as make rich the environs.

Assam is such a part of India which is very rich in its natural resources. If an explorer enters here he could not return home without collecting its precious treasure with him. So in the thrill, he becomes ready for buying products as its souvenir.

Let’s look at some of the awesome products that are found here.

Top 11 Must Buys When in Assam

1. Assamese Silk:

The most styling, appealing attire that is world-famous and available is its hand-woven Silk Pat. It is produced in Sualkuchi, the longest village of Assam, which is often referred to as the Manchester of East. Many handloom cottage industries are found here where Silk, Eri, Muga pat are manufactured.

Assam Silk Best things to buy in assam
Photo- Insta

Once Mahatma Gandhi said, “Assamese women weave fairy tales in their clothes”. Yes, it is very true from its beauty to its quality. The other states of India also produce Silk but the Assamese silk is very unique and thus valuable too. With an amazing plan and magical touch, the architect and weaver create designs to furnish a traditional and novel look to each silk creation. Silk materials are best for Sarees, mekhela sador, and also now in modern dresses too, as a trend. Silk is softer than Muga and Eri. Muga is also very precious by which, traditional as well as modern wear is made. While Eri is a bit coarse compared to silk and Muga , and hence warm clothes like shawls, jackets are made from it.

2. Assam Tea Leaves:

If anyone visits to Assam and tastes Assam tea, he could not control himself soothing for the next twist. Certainly, the fragrance and taste of it made Assam tea world famous and has won the hearts of every individual.

Mostly tea estates are found in the districts of Upper Assam, like Kokrajhar, Udalguri, Sonitpur, Nagaon, Golaghat, Jorhat, Sivasagar, Charaideo, Dibrugarh, Tinsukia. It is found in the Northern Brahmaputra line also. Assam is very rich in tea cultivation and its beautiful greenery and also has a great contribution to tourist attraction.

As everyone is aware of the benefits of drinking tea, it should be mentioned here that Assam tea has special benefits. It is a variety of black tea because of its high caffeine content. Due to its flavor and a rich, pleasing aroma, many take it as a breakfast drink.

Assam tea is now available in all the local markets of its places and any visitor can easily collect it as the memento of it.

3. Traditional Jewellery

Traditional Jewellery Photo in Assam | Gam Kharu
Gam Kharu Pic - Insta

While visiting Assam, one can experience the buying of attractive traditional jewelry that is easily available here. The artisans (sonari) of Assam craft this type of jewelry by giving a fine and elegant touch to it. Through these ornaments, they try to reflect the old Assamese tribes and kingdoms and hence to keep Assamese culture steady. It is very popular amongst the women of Assam and nowadays, its status is spreading high. Dugdugi, Kerumoni, Thuriya, Gam-Kharu, Jonbiri, Gal-pata, are the names of some of the Assamese jewelry. These are obtainable in the markets of Assam.

4. Brass and Bell Metal :

famous brass metal industry is situated at Sarthebari,
Image - instagram

The famous brass metal industry is situated at Sarthebari, Barpeta district of Assam, which is 90 km away from Guwahati.  The local people called kohar hit the bell metal to create artistic precious utensils which stand for the remarkable Assamese culture. Besides Sarthebari, Hajo is another region of Assam where brass metal utensils are found.  bhgjhora, bankahi, banbati, pikdani are some of well-known brass metals of Assam which are a must for the living room of each Assamese people for keeping its pride. While traveling in Assam, the visitor will be pleased be buying anyone of these products.

5.Handicraft Items:

Assam is among the seven North-Eastern states, and Guwahati is the center for the business prospects for all the tribes and sub-tribes living together here. One of the trendy and traditional workings that they explore are handicraft items. Assam is very famous for creating this. In every nook and corner, bamboo cultivation is visible and artists create various handicraft items from it. Besides it, woodcrafts, masks, terracotta, traditional Paintings, toys are made from it. Today, these are easily available in all the hubs in Assam one can collect it as a token of Assam.

6.Assamese Gamocha:

Gamocha of Assam is very close to the hearts of every Assamese. It is worn on special occasions, and also daily as a towel. In the time of Assamese Bihu, the mothers and sisters weave this type of cloth to gift their close ones as the symbol of love. Today Gamocha is becoming widely popular in all parts of the country for its bright color, designs, and quality. All the local markets of Assam keep it for the purpose of buying and selling.

7.Assamese Jaapi:

 As the token of Assamese culture and rituals, one beautiful and highly admired craft that is created by its inhabitants is Jaapi (pointed hat). It is a tightly woven product made from bamboo or cane and tokou paat a large, palm leaf. Jaapi is worn in the time of  Bihu ritual and also the farmers utilize it to get rid off of rain and sun while cultivating.  Jaapis are kept as a showpiece to decorate the Assamese living room beautifully. This is so pleasing and artistic that visitors could not control themselves from buying it from the markets  of Assam.

8.Assamese Laru Pitha:

The main earn of the livelihood of Assam is farming. The soil of it is very fertile and the farmers cultivate varieties of crops. Rice is the main meal of each Assamese. From it, vivid dishes are made by them. In the ritual time, delicious and mouth-watering Laddoos and pithas (cake) are made at the house of every Assamese. These dishes are so sweet and appetizing that today it’s quality and demand are spreading in all over India and abroad. Local entrepreneurs supply these dishes to the markets.

9.Pickles of Assam:

If anyone visits Assam and wants to enjoy his meal with spicy tangy hot flavor, he must experience the delicious Assamese pickles. The people of Assam have a great tendency of eating meals with an additional taste of hot, tangy spicy flavor of Pickles.                                     

Assam is a land full of its local sour and sweet fruits. By these fruits, the people of it prepare varieties of pickles for their home as well to give supply to the market. These mouth-watering and yummy dishes are gaining popularity fast, beyond Assam. Bhoot Jolokia, the best local production which is called the ghost of king chilies is very popular and common in the pickles of Assam. Pickles of bamboo and bhoot Jolokia, mango pickle, amla pickle, ginger pickle, chilli pickle, lime pickle, lemon pickle, mixed pickle are some of the tasty pickles of Assam, which are abundant in the local markets of Assam.

10.  Wooden Rhino Statue:

Besides Nepal, Bhutan, and Pakistan the great world famous one horned rhino is found in Kaziranga, Assam. It is the pride of Assam and has a great role in tourism.

The people of Assam have a great creative and artistic mind in making handmade products and giving life to them. For exposing their endeavor and restoring Assam estate, beautiful decorative showpieces of  Wooden Rhino Statue are made by the artists of Assam. Being attracted the tourists buy such showpieces to keep with them as the keepsake of Assam.

11.  Assamese handmade Toys:

One of the visitor’s attractions to the Assamese products is its handmade toys. These depict the culture, tradition, and lifestyle of the people of Assam. The skilled craftsmen of Assam give the shape of bride and groom, god, goddesses and animals through the clays, wood, and clothes. Traditional Hira and Kumar communities made clay toys. Toys are also carved from wooden and bamboo materials and create shapes of birds, animals, and human figures for the purpose of exposing in the puppet shows. These products are gaining much demand in the market today.

Written By Bandana Sarma

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