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Happy Bhogali Bihu Wishes, Magh Bihu Status SMS Bhogali Bihu Quotes 2023

What Is Bhogali Bihu? Bhogali Bihu In Assam 2023

Bhogali or Magh Bihu is one of the harvest festivals celebrated in the state of Assam, situated in North East India. Assamese people celebrate Magh Bihu by making feasts, various Assamese cakes such as Sunga Pitha, Til Pitha, etc., and some other sweets of coconut called Narikolor Laru.

The People of Assam worship the god of fire in the Bhogali Bihu by making Meji and Bhelaghor with Bambo, Banana Leaves, and rice thatch.

In Bhelaghor Assamese people used to prepare food for the feast, cook meals, and enjoy the whole night. The next morning they burn the Bhelaghor with Meji.

When Bhogali Bihu 2023 Celebrate In Assam?

The Magh or Bhogali Bihu festival is celebrated at the end time of Puh, (Usually 29 Puh) Month (January–February)

Why Assamese People Celebrate Bhogali Bihu 2023?

Assamese people pray to Ancestral God by making and burning the Meji in Bhogali Bihu.

The word Meji is coming from the Assamese tribe Deori-Chutia's word Midi-ye-ji. "Midi" denotes the"Ancestral gods" and "Ye" means "Fire", "Ji" means "Fly away", signifying the praying of the ancestral spirits which fly away with the fire.

Happy Bhogali Bihu 2023 Bhogali Bihu Image 2023

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Magh Bihu QuotesIn Assamese 2023

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Magh Bihu Quotes In Assamese 2023

Bhogali Bihu Wishes 2022 , Magh Bihu Quotes Whatsapp Status, Magh Bihu Quotes Whatsapp Status

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